BLOG: Victory in California

The Bilerco Project
May 16, 2008

Toni Broaddus discusses how the CA decision is historical and personal, how it influences the entire nation, and how we need to fight to defend marriage in CA given the pending discriminatory initiative which could be on the ballot in November 2008. (Link)

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Lambda Legal’s Safety Scale: Respect for Same-Sex Couples’ Relationships

Lambda Legal
April 2008

Thinking about traveling or moving to another state but wondering if they respect same-sex couples’ relationships? Check this scale to see where each state falls. (pdf Link)

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Legislative committees hear testimony on marriage bills

Providence Journal
May 8, 2008

For the 10th year running, the executive director of Marriage Equality RI, Jenn Steinfeld, testified in support of ending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage. (Link)

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Press Release: Equality for All Campaign Predicts Failure of Initiative Banning Marriage for Gay and

Equality California
April 25, 2008

The Equality For All campaign pledged that an anti-marriage initiative will be defeated if it does qualify for the ballot in California. (Link)

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OPINION: Amendment Two Erodes Rights, Protects No One

Daytona Beach News-Journal
April 23, 2008
George Griffin, president of the Volusia, FL chapter of the ACLU, writes about the anti-marriage amendment: “This is a mean-spirited amendment that will adversely affect gay, straight and retired couples.” [Link]

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Green Street’s Director Featured in Marriage Equality Film

The Wesleyan Connection
April 17, 2008
When the Hartford-based organization Love Makes a Family (LMF) was looking for interesting stories about how same-sex couples met, Green Street Arts Director Janis Astor del Valle’s wife Amy Joy Myers sent in the unique story of their first meeting as childhood friends. [Link]

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League fighting gay rights in Maine

Bangor Daily News
April 10, 2008
The Maine Civil Liberties Union, Equality Maine, and other LGBT organizations are fighting against a broad proposed anti-gay ballot measure in Maine. [Link]

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Politicians and church leaders back marriage equality in Iowa

Pink News
March 28, 2008
The fight for equality continues in the heart of rural America this week, as the Iowa Supreme Court considers a lawsuit brought by six same-sex couples denied marriage licences in the state. Senior attorneys from Lambda Legal, joined by former Iowa solicitor general Dennis Johnson, will argue that denying marriage to same-sex couples violates the equal protection and due process guarantees in the state's Constitution…At least 17 briefs will be filed with the Iowa Supreme Court by a wide array of local and national organizations and individuals on behalf of the six same-sex couples and their families. Supporters include doctors, social workers, scientists, historians and more than 200 clergymen and other faith leaders. [Link]

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Lawmakers to review civil union revisions

The Stamford Advocate
March 15, 2008
A state General Assembly committee is to revisit the state's civil unions law Monday, while a decision from the state Supreme Court about the legality of denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples is pending. Anne Stanback, executive director of Love Makes a Family, said some members of her organization plan to attend Monday's public hearing to argue that civil union "fixes" don't go far enough. "You can't really fix civil unions," she said. "The only way to give same-sex couples full protections and full equality is with marriage. We appreciate that they're trying to do everything that they can, but for us the bottom line is civil unions are an inadequate substitute for marriage." [Link]

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‘Decline to sign’ campaign launched

Bay Area Reporter
February 21, 2008
A coalition of groups supporting marriage equality is asking for volunteers to help defeat an effort write marriage discrimination into the California constitution. Equality for All, a coalition of LGBT and allied civil rights groups, is launching a "Decline to Sign" campaign to discourage people from signing petitions that support putting an anti-marriage initiative on the November ballot. [Link]

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