Poll: Young voters disenchanted with Republican party’s stance on marriage, among others

San Francisco Chronicle
August 27, 2007
Young Americans have become so profoundly alienated from Republican ideals on issues including the war in Iraq, global warming, marriage for gay and lesbian couples, and illegal immigration that their defections suggest a political setback that could haunt Republicans "for many generations to come," the poll said. [link]

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BLOG: Follow-up thoughts on the LGBT debate

The Nation
August 13, 2007

E. J. Graff writes, "In questioning the focus on marriage, Obama revealed his lack of knowledge on the issue and his lack of well-informed LGBT advisors. This discussion is over, except among academics, where it is--excuse the pun--academic. Marriage is a major goal. It's not the only thing worth talking about, but it cannot be dismissed."

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BLOG: Strengthening Families?

The Republic of T.
August 7, 2007

While we wait for whatever it is we're waiting for, the things that happened to gay and lesbian families are going to continue to happen, and with little or no remedies or even the possibility of legal recourse. So, either that's acceptable or it's not. And if it's not, then it's worth asking what's going to be done about it. Otherwise we're asking people to continue to live with injustice without remedy, and to do so indefinitely. [Link]

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Poll shows GOP voters trending positive on some gay issues

The Advocate
June 28, 2007
When asked, "What issue do you think best defines the Republican Party today?" only 5% said, "traditional marriage/family values"; 85% selected issues like the war on terrorism, immigration, homeland security, national defense, taxes, and the economy. [Link]

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OPINION: Republicans play key role in wins

Washington Blade
June 22, 2007
Thanks to Rep. Ross and all the others who voted against the constitutional amendment, we can celebrate a bi-partisan victory in Massachusetts — and it is a huge victory. Families in the Bay State are stronger, more secure and better because the freedom to marry will go on. Civil marriage equality is here to stay in Massachusetts, planting an anchor for other states to make similar progress. [Link]

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Poll: Marriage not an issue for NH Republicans

June 13, 2007
The poll asked likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, "In your opinion, which one issue is most important to your vote in the presidential primary? Which is next most important? What is the third most important?" It found that the war in Iraq topped the list at 36 percent, followed by illegal immigration at 11 percent and then the economy at 9 percent. Marriage for gay and lesbian couples was 17th on the list with the number of replies too low to measure. [link]

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2008 hopefuls pledge support for civil unions, but ignore issue of federal marriage benefits

Washington Blade
April 13, 2007

With the 2008 presidential election already drawing widespread publicity, Evan Wolfson said gay advocacy groups and their allies should be asking the candidates to spell out what they mean when they express support for equal rights and benefits for same-sex couples through civil unions. "When they try to do that, they will realize that there is only one system for doing it and that is marriage," he said.

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OPINION: The constitution is not the place to make law

The News and Observer
March 9, 2007
Putting gay and lesbian couples' relationships in the political arena scarcely helps anyone. It gives grandstanding pols a chance to show off, but it's hard to argue that a little tolerance of differing views on the issue threatens the American family structure. It's even harder to make a case for an unnecessary constitutional amendment. [link]

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Retiring Congressman speaks up about marriage

December 31, 2006
Retiring Republican Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe says the GOP's opposition to same-sex marriage is "a terrible mistake" and that opposition to the unions is on the decline. Kolbe, who is stepping down after 22 years in Congress, told the Tucson Citizen his party has given too much power over its direction to social conservatives. [Link]

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Top court must decide if unwed couples can be treated as spouses in domestic-violence cases

Middletown Journal
October 15, 2006
Two years ago, Democratic and Republican leaders urged Ohio voters to reject a discriminatory constitutional amendment. This year in December, the OH Supreme Court will hear State v. Carswell, a case that argues the state's 27-year-old domestic-violence law conflicts with the new marriage ban. [link]

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