“Eight Things I Learned as a 40-Year-Old Intern,” including how Google affects news headlines about

Poynter Online
August 12, 2008
When couples of the same sex began applying for marriage licenses in California, headlines and text described this as "same-sex marriage," as per LAT style. But when it became obvious through Google Hot Trends that potential readers were searching "gay marriage" instead, editors decided to allow that term in headlines. That leads to a larger question: To what extent do journalists let Google guide what they do? [Link]

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What Is the Future of Suburbia? A Freakonomics Quorum

New York Times Blog
August 12, 2008
Gary J. Gates, a Senior Research Fellow at the Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, and co-author of The Gay and Lesbian Atlas, writes, "So back to the question at hand — my vision of suburbia circa 2050. Lesbian and gay families will be a much more visible community fixture. They’ll probably be married, own their homes, be raising a few kids, and will very likely not be white." [Link]

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Dennis Miller, Conservative, Supports Marriage Equality

August 10, 2008
Comedian-turned-pundit Dennis Miller calls his political beliefs "eclectic pragmatism": "... I’m for the war, but I’m also for gay marriage. I don’t care if two folks with the same genitalia want to get hitched, I just don’t want some a—hole from another country coming over here and blowing up their wedding to make a political statement." [Link]

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For Better or For Worse

Washington Post
August 6, 2008

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Gay-Baiting ‘08

August 5, 2008
Starting in 2000 the invocation of gay rights issues – and the biggest "threat" of all, marriage equality – has been the stuff not just of political humor but of political advertising and cable news punditry as well. Today, nearly every prominent political news analyst, left, right, or center, seems to agree that gay-bashing as an overt political strategy is either dying or already dead. [Link]

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A librarian responds to censoring request

The Tin Man
August 1, 2008
Freedom to Marry ally The Tin Man found a great blog post by a librarian responding to a patron's request to take Uncle Bobby's Wedding off the shelves. Check out the lengthy discussion in the comments section as well. [Link]

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Miss Manners: Introduce your husband - as your husband

The Mercury News
July 20, 2008
Miss Manners advises, "By all means, employ the conventional terms and acknowledgments of marriage. The more you get used to doing this normally, rather than as propaganda, the more unremarkable it will seem to others." [Link]

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“No Reason” But “Just Because”

The Republic of T.
June 9, 2008

"I’m all kinds of late on this, I know, but I was struck by this clip from Bill O’Reilly’s show, in which he and a guest can’t come up with a single reason to oppose same-sex marriage." [Link]

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Jay Leno Says “I Do” in Support of the Freedom to Marry

E! Online
June 3, 2008
The Tonight Show host decided to make an appearance at a marriage celebration in California in support of the recent Supreme Court decision. [Link]

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Who Supports Marriage Equality? ... A Show of Hands

In the wake of the California Supreme Court decision upholding the freedom to marry (for which the court just denied a rehearing or stay) and New York's Gov. Paterson directing state officials to rightfully uphold the state's law to honor out of state marriages by same-sex couples, support for marriage equality is being voiced across our country:

— Polls Nationwide and in California Show Majority Support

Macys Publishes Full-Page Ads Honoring the Freedom to Marry

Jay Leno Says "I Do" in Support of Marriage Equality

Bill O'Reilly & Gov. Schwarzenegger See Defeat for Anti-Gay Advocates in CA

Editorial, after editorial, after editorial, after editorial, after editorial, after editorial, after editorial, after editorial, after editorial, after editorial

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