White House Affirms Support for DOMA Repeal

Washington Blade
May 21, 2009
The White House on Wednesday issued a statement reiterating President Obama's support for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. "DOMA is a federal law passed by Congress that precludes uniform federal recognition of same-sex relationships, even those recognized as valid under the law of the state," the statement says. "Because the President believes that this is an issue that should be left to the states, he continues to support the legislative repeal of DOMA." [link]

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BLOG: Obama, Don’t Defend DOMA

Huffington Post
May 20, 2009

Emma Ruby-Sachs on the Obama administration and DOMA: "Obama has the option, as has every President before him, to refuse to defend clearly unconstitutional laws. He has the opportunity today, to stand up for equal rights by refusing to argue DOMA's constitutionality in court." [Link]

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President Obama Once Strongly Supported Marriage Equality

May 14, 2009

As a candidate for the Illinois State Senate in 1996, Barack Obama responded to and personally signed a questionnaire from a then LGBT newspaper called "Outlines". In that questionnaire, President Obama wrote on point number six: "I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages." As Ben Smith points out, there is no mention of civil unions, or compromises. [Link]

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Marriage Equality an Important Issue in Court Pick

Washington Post
May 17, 2009
As President Obama prepares to name his first Supreme Court justice, conservatives in Washington are making clear that his nominee will face plenty of questions during the confirmation process on the legal underpinnings of marriage equality for gay couples. [link]

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Barry, Obama & The Winding Road To Marriage for Gays

Washington Post
May 11, 2009
When the history of this country's journey toward acceptance of marriage equality is written, much will be made of the startling swiftness with which one state after another embraced gay marriage in a matter of a few months in 2008 and 2009. But those same historians will find a dissonant note in this social revolution: What's behind these strange turns in the public attitudes of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry and President Barack Obama? [link]

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Marriage Equality and Our Leaders

New York Times
May 8, 2009

A number of people write to the New York Times to express that President Obama's proposal to work for gay partner rights without marriage is advocating a "separate but equal" status. [Link]

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White House Speechless on Marriage Progress

Huffington Post
May 7, 2009

Lane Hudson writes, "The Solution: The White House and other Democrats should shed their feigned distaste for equal rights for gays. Now is the time. We are in the midst of a revolution. Public opinion is changing faster than ever. Even Republicans are considering embracing some of these issues because they are beginning to realize that their homophobic ranting is driving the under 30 vote away in droves. Embrace history and be a part of advancing the next big expansion of equal rights to a minority in America. We've never looked back on that with shame. Indeed, they are the are some of the proudest moments in our history." [Link]

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OP-ED: Where’s Our ‘Fierce Advocate’?

Washington Post
May 2, 2009

Richard Socarides on what he sees as the Obama administration's lack of action on LGBT issues so far: "What makes this especially disappointing is that it comes during a crisis-driven 'change moment' in our country's history that not only cries out for leadership but presents a particularly good climate for making substantial progress on gay equality." [Link]

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The White House Office of Missed Opportunity

April 7, 2009
While President Obama traveled abroad, the marriage-equality landscape underwent a tectonic shift. But his administration is still too firmly rooted in last year's campaign mode to absorb the change. [Link]

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White House expands faith-based advisory panel

The Associated Press
April 6, 2009
President Obama Monday announced the appointments of Human Rights Campaign's (and Freedom to Marry alumni) Harry Knox and Pentecostal Bishop Charles E. Blake as two of nine new members of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. [Link]

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