Marriage Equality: The cure for unemployment (worries)

On Monday, impoverished Imperial County, California, a largely agricultural desert county east of San Diego, appeared as the only governmental entity in the state of California to seek standing to defend Proposition 8.

With recent polling showing that a majority of Latino Catholics now support marriage equality, one wonders whether the working-class (and deeply unemployed) Latino majority of Imperial County is setting the moral agenda or being played by a highly motivated set of outsiders

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Blocking of same-sex benefits goes further than planned

A group of conservative Christians set out to block El Paso, Texas, from granting health-care benefits to same-sex partners of city-government employees.

But the ballot measure they helped pass in November may also end up stripping benefits from many others, including retired policemen and firefighters.

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9th Circuit Perry v. Schwarzenegger hearing: analysis and discussion

Adam Bink gives a summary of reactions from across the political spectrum to yesterday's Prop 8 Oral Arguments.

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Marriage and the court of public opinion

Once, Americans were overwhelmingly against interracial marriage. Court rulings helped change that.

Will it be the same with marriage for same-sex couples?

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Prop 8 Argument Day FAQ

Oral arguments in the appeal of the Proposition 8 ruling in California begin today at 1 EST/10 PST with live televised coverage on C-SPAN and elsewhere.

Here they are: The top 10 questions for Monday's oral arguments.

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Prop. 8’s next day in court

High-interest, ‘quite unusual’ two-hour hearing will be televised.

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Judges that will hear Prop 8 case called ‘a very good panel’ for marriage equality supporters

Two judges appointed by Democratic presidents and one named by a Republican will decide if a San Francisco trial judge improperly struck down California’s same-sex marriage ban, a federal appeals court announced Monday, Nov. 29.

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Makeup of Prop 8 panel seems promising for marriage equality advocates

Attorneys fighting for marriage equality in the Prop 8 case at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals will see at least one friendly face staring back when they give oral arguments next week.

Stephen Reinhardt, a Carter appointee who has been solidly in the liberal wing of the court since he took the bench in 1980, is on the panel, along with Clinton appointee Michael Daley Hawkins and N. Randy Smith, a George W. Bush pick.

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Eight days in a changed world

News Analysis: From marriage to the military, the next two weeks will highlight how far the movement for gay equality has come – and how far it has to go.

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Close Ohio gay-rights vote mirrors national debate

Surveys repeatedly find that young adults, far more so than their elders, support the rights of gays to marry and serve openly in the military.

A Gallup poll earlier this year showed, for the first time, a majority of Americans saying same-sex relations were morally acceptable.

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