Texas same-sex couples heading to California to wed

Dallas Morning News
June 1, 2008
Dr. Love, a former Dallas pastor who now heads Metropolitan Community Churches in Abilene, discusses the importance of California honoring the freedom to marry: "It's just really important to us to have that moment, that acknowledgment and that piece of paper all our straight friends have." [Link]

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Marriage from a religious leader’s perspective

Santa Cruz Sentinel
June 1, 2008

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, who presides over marriage ceremonies, discusses the importance of California honoring the freedom to marry as a basic right. [Link]

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What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage?

Washington Post: On Faith Blog
May 21, 2008

Sally Quinn, moderator of On Faith, writes in favor of equality and fairness in marriage: “Homosexual couples are simply two people who love each other…Please explain to me why it is not better for society that two people who love each other cement their relationship in a legal union.” (Link)

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Marriage ruling splits faith leaders

San Jose Mercury News
May 18, 2008
There are signs that just as public opinion is moving toward accepting gay rights, including state-sanctioned marriages, so might religious communities. (Link)

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The moral compass of Mildred Loving

Washington Blade
May 9, 2008
In honor of Mildred Loving, a defendant in the landmark Loving v. Virginia case which ended race discrimination in marriage, Lane Hudson writes about her courageous support for marriage equality and her belief that “a particular religious belief should not interfere with our government granting that right.” (Link)

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EDITORIAL: On gay rights, it’s good to be out of step

Baltimore Sun
May 4, 2008
The Rev. James Lawson is an icon of the civil rights movement; it was he who invited the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis to support the striking sanitation workers. He is also an advocate for marriage equality. (Link)

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McCain’s Catholic Committee Full Of Controversial Figures

Huffington Post
May 5, 2008

Sam Stein of Huffington Post profiles McCain’s Catholic Committee and quotes Evan Wolfson: "Their role has been to try to give the veneer of scholarship and objectivity onto what is really an attack effort to cement discrimination against gay couples into the law." (Link)

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Some Young Religious Voters Steering Away From Anti-Gay Measures

Associated Press
April 25, 2008

The AP reports a growing number of religious youth are placing social justice issues, instead of divisive wedge issues, at the center of their moral and political decision making. (Link)

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United Church of Christ sees donation gain after supporting marriage equality

Bay Area Reporter
April 3, 2008
Donations to the connectional ministries of the United Church of Christ increased by over a million dollars in 2007 following its endorsement of marriage equality in 2005. [Link]

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Think Evangelicals Vote in Lockstep? Meet the Routhe Family

Campaigns & Elections
April 1, 2008
Shifting demographics are affecting the views and votes of evangelical Christian voters, moving some to adopt more nuanced views of issues, including marriage equality. Peter Ilyan, who describes himself as a Christian environmental evangelist says, "So now when James Dobson says it's only gay marriage and abortion we should care about? One of our jokes is that gay married couples have the fewest abortions of anybody." [Link]

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