COLUMN: Do Southern Baptists really support ‘Biblical’ marriage?

Ethics Daily
June 19, 2007
Before marriage was elevated to a sacrament during the Council of Trent (1563), it was not regarded as sacred. The ideas that marriage must be licensed by the state or sanctioned by the church are modern innovations that go beyond the biblical tradition. Our modern definition of the traditional marriage based on love, trust, vulnerability and commitment is neither traditional nor biblical. In fact, what we call the traditional marriage is quite a modern invention (since about the 17th century). [Link]

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Straight Rabbi at gay shul set to be not-quite-married

New York Magazine
June 15, 2007
"This is one of the major social injustices of our time," Rabbi Ayelet Cohen said. "I cannot, in good conscience, participate in a system that actively excludes and discriminates against same-sex couples" — including her 4,000 congregants. [Link]

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API Faith Leaders Speak Out in Support of Equality

Nichi Bei Times
June 7, 2007

Rev. Yoshii pledged his support for LGBT persons and their families as well. He said that the issue is a personal one for API clergy. "We know about laws that have been used against us, to exclude us to, marginalize us, to not grant us civil rights," Rev. Yoshii explained. "That's why we come and stand in support of (the marriage rights) of same-sex couples." [Link]

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PODCAST: Minnesota Public Radio hosts marriage debate

Minnesota Public Radio
May 8, 2007
Richard Mohr, a professor of philosophy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and author of a number of books on gay rights, most recently, "The Long Arc of Justice: Lesbian and Gay Marriage, Equality and Rights," squared off with Dwight Duncan, a professor at Southern New England School of Law in Massachusetts, who got his degree at the Vatican. Mohr does a great job of articulating what marriage is really about. Broadcast: Midday, 05/08/2007, 12:00 p.m [link]

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Native American Church Removes Ban on Gay and Lesbian Marriages

April 20, 2007

"First Nation Church, its members and ministers believe that marriage is a covenant between two adults and their God, based upon their love for one another. We believe that love for each other, for nature and for all things created by God materializes from the heart, not from legislative bodies. This basic tenet was so important that the founding fathers established it as the cornerstone of the United States Constitution, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights: that 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.'" [Link]

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BLOG: New attention-grabbing billboard campaign

Pam's House Blend
April 16, 2007
A Metropolitan Community Church in Indianapolis, IN, this week began a new media campaign aimed at challenging Hoosiers to re-examine their assumptions about what the Bible says about homosexuality. "In the past, many Christians misused the Bible to support slavery, oppose equal rights for women, and oppose interracial marriage," says Rev. Jimmy Creech, Executive Director of Faith In America. "They went so far as to accuse people on the other side of being unbiblical. The same thing is happening again with respect to same-gender relationships. It has to stop." [Link]

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New paper calls marriage equality “moral good”

March 14, 2007
A new Christian think tank has issued the articulation of marriage equality as "a moral good" that "spiritually liberates straight people as well as gay people." [Link]

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Marriage supporters rally for their cause at RI State House

The Providence Journal
February 15, 2007
"I am the pastor of a church that recognizes that same-sex marriage is God's will. And I personally believe that same-sex marriage is a part of God's plan. To believe otherwise is unthinkable to us," Dyszlewski said. "To believe otherwise is to imagine that in creating diversity in nature God made a mistake. What's even worse is to imagine that in creating humanity God made a mistake." [link]

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A Muslim-American reflection on WI’s civil-union ban

The American Muslim
December 11, 2006
Today, some Muslims are content with civil-union bans because they identify with certain values of these restrictions and because they do not see such a ban largely affecting their communities. However, tomorrow could be a day where the government, under the same authority, bans Hijab. Reflecting a trend from European countries, many Americans could proclaim that they distrust Hijab and feel that it is oppressive towards women. Regardless of how we as Muslims feel, the argument could be made that aspects of our lifestyle contradict some values of the American majority. In the same way those seeking civil unions are struggling at this moment, our lifestyle could also be subject to a legal popularity contest. What will we do then? [Link]

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Knoxville News Sentinel
October 24, 2006
Somewhere along the line, conservatives began to equate religious belief with political doctrine. And the next thing you know, the very crowd that used to decry governmental meddling now encourages governmental meddling. Proving that, just like the weather, nothing stays the same in politics. [link]

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