Utah governor vetoes anti-gay parenting bill

March 22, 2006
Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. has vetoed a bill that would prevent a court from awarding parental rights against the wishes of the biological or adoptive parent, in legislation stemmed from a case that made international headlines in 2004 when a judge awarded visitation rights to the former lesbian partner of the child's birth mother who claims to have turned straight after "getting religion". [link]

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Phone company uses anti-gay messages to sell service

Gay Peoples Chronicle
March 10, 2006
A long distance phone carrier and internet service provider uses an anti-gay scheme to to randomly telemarket homes through two conservative nonprofits. Making the automated calls on behalf of the charities keeps company exempt from the national Do Not Call list.

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Religious Leaders Speak Out on Marriage

The Bay Area Reporter
March 23, 2006

Clergy members and gay and lesbian leaders exchanged ideas on how to influence the religious middle on marriage equality and organize opposition to the proposed federal constitutional gay marriage ban during a forum held at San Francisco's LGBT Community Center. [Link]

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Black faith leaders to converge in Atlanta to discuss homophobia in black churches

Washington Blade
January 20, 2006
"These anti-marriage proponents are pandering to the black church for their own agenda." [Link]

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Church Leader Endorses the Freedom to Marry

Houston Voice
June 29, 2005

Rev. John H. Thomas, head of the United Church of Christ, publicly endorsed a proposed resolution supporting the freedom for same-sex couples to marry. Thomas said the UCC should affirm the rights of GLBT Americans to have marriages "equal in name, privileges and responsibilities to married heterosexual couples." The announcement comes just days before the annual meeting of the General Synod in Atlanta.

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Kansas clergy sign-on to oppose anti-gay amendment

Kansas City Infozine
April 4, 2005
To prove not all churches support discrimination, over a hundred clergy from across the state have signed a declaration denouncing the state constitutional amendment banning gays from marriage and restricting the rights of all unmarried partners. [Link]

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Liberal Christians challenge ‘values vote’

Washington Post
November 10, 2004
Throughout the presidential campaign, opinion polls showed that frequent churchgoers were far more likely to support Bush than his Democratic rival, Sen. John F. Kerry. Exit polls on Election Day found that 22 percent of voters cited "moral values" as the key to their vote, and they tilted 4 to 1 toward Bush. The answer to this "God gap," Perriello said, "is that progressives need to embrace the deep moral critique that people are looking for and make that case on poverty and Iraq, and not just try to talk more about God or outpace the Republicans on gay marriage or abortion." [Link]

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Shin Buddhism Address: Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Legal?: Revering Limitless Light and Life in Tod

Dharma Rain, Vol. 1, No. 2
December 1, 1997

Rev. Bruce Nakamura writes, "In life, there are no unimportant or inferior or subordinate or queer persons. There are no unimportant tasks or vocations. There are no unimportant acts of kindness. Each human being is, after all, as happy or as miserable as he or she makes his or her mind up to be. Know yourself, accept yourself. This is the Buddha's love and wisdom in you. Changing, learning, growing and sharing. It is all about you. It is all about me. It is no one else's responsibility." [Link]

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