NY Congressman Jerrold Nadler hails federal court ruling against DOMA

On Thursday, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, and sponsor of House legislation to fully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), cheered the federal circuit court decision striking down Section 3 of DOMA, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman for the purposes of federal law.

Nadler, the author of the Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal DOMA, renewed his call for the immediate passage of his legislation.

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Life, liberty, and ending inequality

Hans Johnson writes about repealing the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because of cases like Charlene Strong's, a lesbian who was barred from seeing her dying partner in the hospital.

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DOMA’s deserted isle

As President Obama further extends federal-employee benefits to same-sex partners, one of the world's most isolated spots grabs a moment of notoriety.

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Evan Wolfson: In love and war, honoring the commitment of gay americans

Freedom to Marry's Executive Director, Evan Wolfson, comments on last week's historic votes in the House and Senate Armed Services Committee to repeal the so-called 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

"While repealing military discrimination certainly honors the values of our nation, it is only a step toward closing the door on fundamental unfairness."

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Draft Congressional ethics rules would recognize marriages of same-sex couples

The House ethics committee has drafted rules that for the first time would define married gay couples as “spouses” for the purposes of filling out their annual Congressional financial disclosure forms.

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Evan Wolfson: Tax day’s here, time to dump DOMA

Freedom to Marry's Executive Director, Evan Wolfson, says the so-called Defense of Marriage Act consistently harms same-sex couples and their families — glaringly so on tax day.

Visit Freedom to Marry’s online Action Center to contact your lawmakers today and tell them how DOMA hurts gay couples, their families, states like Massachusetts, and our country’s basic fairness.

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Following DC: What the Freedom to Marry in the Capital Means Nationwide

By Evan Wolfson, Executive Director, Freedom to Marry

Today, surrounded by friends and family, the first same-sex couples in Washington D.C. to receive marriage licenses are celebrating their legal marriages.

D.C. now officially joins the five states and eight countries that have ended exclusion from marriage. Marriage in our nation's capital marks a significant victory not only for D.C. couples who no longer need to leave home to secure the protections and responsibilities of marriage, but also for the national movement to win the freedom to marry.

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Nadler: Movement to repeal DOMA focusing on building Support in Congress

December 11, 2009
Rep. Jerrold Nadler has said that sponsorship of a bill to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act will not occur in Congress next year. Instead, he said, efforts will be focused on building support on the issue. [Link]

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Op-Ed: Democrats: If You Are NOT on This List Then Not One Penny!

October 19, 2009
David Mixner compiles a list of all of the congressional supporters of the Respect for Marriage Act and calls for the LGBT community to withhold money from those who are not on the list: "Every Democrat must join this list and we must remain firm to not contribute to anyone who doesn't support this effort to repeal DOMA....even our friends." [Link]

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President Obama’s Maine Chance to Make the Case

Huffington Post
October 7, 2009

Evan Wolfson writes:
"When President Obama speaks to gay and non-gay supporters of equality at the Human Rights Campaign's dinner this Saturday, he has a lot of ground to cover...By ground to cover, I mean that President Obama has the opportunity -- and I believe the obligation -- to speak in moral as well as concrete terms about non-gay people's stake in ending the exclusion and discrimination gay people endure. President Obama should not just talk about his general support for equality, and even just specific items he is working on, but, in addition, needs to make the case as to why Americans must continue evolving in support of fairness and freedom, and why anti-gay discrimination must end...

President Obama has the perfect context in which to make that case: a clear and unequivocal call on the people of Maine to vote no in November on the anti-gay ballot measure aimed at undoing the freedom to marry enacted earlier this year."

No on 1/Protect Maine Equality needs your help today!

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