R.I. lawmakers to hear testimony on marriage, divorce

The Boston Globe
May 7, 2008

Rhode Island House lawmakers plan to debate bills concerning the recognition of out-of-state marriages in Rhode Island courts. (Link)

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Same-sex divorce case takes a new turn

Providence Journal
May 1, 2008

Following a state Supreme Court ruling which said a Rhode Island same-sex couple who got married in Massachusetts couldn’t get divorced in Family Court, one of the women is asking if she can get divorced in another state court — Superior Court. (Link)

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Gay couples having trouble obtaining divorces

Associated Press
April 15, 2008
Gay couples had to struggle mightily to win the right to marry or form civil unions in certain states. Now, some are finding that breaking up is hard to do, too. [link]

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Impatient witness: Reflections on the long struggle for gay rights

Providence Journal
January 21, 2008
M. Charles Bakst, a non-gay columnist, wrote with powerful support for marriage equality saying, “I identified with the gay rights movement because I am Jewish, and because, the way I was brought up, you treat people decently and if there’s something amiss in the world you try to fix it… I believe discrimination against gays is evil, and marriage equality is not rocket science. Society benefits from loving, stable relationships. A man and a woman should be able to wed; two men or two women, that’s fine too. And if it’s not for you, don’t do it. I don’t get hung up on ideological or theological details.” [link]

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Woman in historic divorce case did not seek the spotlight

The Providence Journal
October 21, 2007
Ormiston, 60, and Chambers, 71, were together for a decade. "I was lucky to love and share a life with a very fine woman for all these years. It's clear to both of us we'll no longer go forward together, but I wish her well," Ormiston said. "Now it's up to the court to allow us the same right every other citizen has to end this marriage." [link]

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Marriage equality good for business in New England

The Washington Post
September 16, 2007
Since the freedom to marry came to Massachusetts in 2004, attendance at Boston's annual Gay Pride Day, a major attraction for visitors, has more than doubled, according to the Massachusetts tourism bureau. Last June, attendance exceeded 100,000, compared with 40,000 three years ago. Although Vermont tourism officials don't tally visitors according to sexual orientation, several innkeepers report a strong rise in their gay clientele since civil unions were legalized in 2000. [Link]

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BLOG: My family is too valuable for your kind

September 9, 2007
"I am in a heterosexual marriage of twenty-five years, and in all those years 'gay marriage' was never to blame for any of our arguments. I think I speak for a lot of married couples when I say that there are issues closer to home we can fight about, if we are so inclined. Marriage is precious, the right to marry is a right that I value, and I would not deny equal rights to people who love someone of their own sex. It's easy to take marriage for granted, unless you are barred from it." [link]

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NM gay people married in MA face uncertainties

Washington Blade
August 3, 2007

The problems that gay couples from New Mexico and Rhode Island face in getting their Massachusetts unions recognized are unusual. "The right wing has carved a gay exception into that tradition of respect and stability," Evan Wolfson said. "New Mexico and Massachusetts are moving in the direction of treating committed same-sex couples the same as any other couple."

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Officials: RI can grant gay couples divorce

The Providence Journal
August 2, 2007
Rhode Island's governor and attorney general agree that a state court should be able to grant divorces to same-sex couples without deciding whether same-sex couples' marriages should be legal in the state. [link]

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EDITORIAL: Ocean State takes a step forward on marriage

The Sun Chronicle
March 4, 2007
Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch's advisory opinion for the state to recognize gay and lesbian couples' marriages performed in Massachusetts and, further, to bring marriage equality there, is a step in the right direction for the Ocean State. [link]

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