Couples across the south stand up for marriage with the Campaign for Southern Equality

For the past week, the Campaign for Southern Equality has been touring across the South with its "We Do" campaign, where same-sex couples request marriage licenses and provoke denials in order to illustrate the discriminatory marriage laws in these states. Check out stories and video from the campaign!

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Olson & Boies exorcise the ghosts of homophobia past

Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign discusses the California Prop 8 Trial in terms of his own past and recounts the experience of blogging live from the courtroom where the trial took place in January.

Jacobs: "But in order to succeed fully, to propel the nation where it's headed anyway, we need to tell the story of the trial and we need to tell our own stories. We need to testify."

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FedEx to offer benefits to same-sex couples

Memphis-based FedEx announced changes Tuesday with health benefits that are more inclusive of same-sex couples.

One group says the inclusive move could lure more people to our city.

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“Paramour Provision” Not Needed in Custody Case With Lesbian Mother, Tennessee Court Rules

The Tennessean
September 21, 2009
A Tennessee Court of Appeals decision has removed a custody battle provision that said a child could not live with her mother and her mother's partner. The ACLU praised the decision, saying it was time the courts stopped viewing LGBT couples differently. [Link]

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Tennessee Court Order Bars Mom’s Partner of 9 Years From Home When Mom Has Custody

December 23, 2008
Although the evaluation concluded that Chandler’s partner was a positive influence on the children, on May 15, 2008, the court imposed a so-called “paramour” restriction on the couple, forcing Chandler’s partner from her home any nights her children are with her. The restriction has caused a huge strain on Chandler’s relationship. Right after the order was issued, Chandler’s partner was forced to move back to North Carolina, making it virtually impossible for the couple to spend time together. [Link]

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BLOG: The little things that discrimination affects

Red State Exile
April 16, 2007

Back when I first posted on the effects of an anti-gay amendment within TN, I focused on the obvious problems such as being denied access to or the right to make medical decisions for a partner. Little did I consider at the time, that we wouldn't even be able to participate in a "vow renewal ceremony" at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. [link]

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Knoxville News Sentinel
October 24, 2006
Somewhere along the line, conservatives began to equate religious belief with political doctrine. And the next thing you know, the very crowd that used to decry governmental meddling now encourages governmental meddling. Proving that, just like the weather, nothing stays the same in politics. [link]

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Blogger: Don’t amend TN Constitution
July 15, 2006
"I'm going to try to figure out what I can do to oppose this measure, though it's a tricky political calculus as drawing attention to it may actually help its passage, since a failure to vote on the measure at all is tantamount to a 'no' vote. I suspect, though, that the anti-gay-marriage forces will make enough noise to ensure that it's not ignored." [link]

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A very personal issue

June 6, 2006
The fight for marriage equality is close to home for Joan and Nancy VanReese, partners for 18 years, who share a home in the Nashville suburbs. [link]

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OPINION: A majority doesn’t make bigotry right in Tennessee

The Chattanoogan
May 30, 2005
Whiteman discusses the pitfalls of following the 'majority' by recalling women's suffrage, slavery, the Holocaust and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He praises the 'minority' who refuse to support putting anti-gay bigotry in the state constitution. [link]

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