Suits on Marriage Equality may force Administration to take a Stand

President Obama has balanced on a political tightrope for two years over the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, the contentious 1996 law barring federal recognition of marriages of same-sex couples.

Now, two new federal lawsuits threaten to snap that rope out from under him.

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Texas couple fights newspaper that rejected their wedding announcement

Dallas couple Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup are fighting for acknowledgment in the city's major newspaper, "The Dallas Morning News". After being legally married in Washington, D.C. in December, they submitted a paid marriage announcement to their local paper.

Innocuous, right? Not according to the paper, which denied their request on the grounds that their marriage is invalid in their home state of Texas.

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Gay Parents of All Types in All Places

If you had to guess which cities have the biggest percentage of gay and lesbian couples raising kids, you might say New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles – but you'd be wrong. The top spot is San Antonio, Texas.

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Parenting by gays more common in the south, census shows

According to census data, child rearing among same-sex couples is more common in the South than in any other region of the country.

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Poll results show broad support for gay rights among Texas voters

An overwhelming majority of registered voters in Texas say they support a significant expansion of gay rights, according to the first-ever in-depth statewide poll on LGBT issues.

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Blocking of same-sex benefits goes further than planned

A group of conservative Christians set out to block El Paso, Texas, from granting health-care benefits to same-sex partners of city-government employees.

But the ballot measure they helped pass in November may also end up stripping benefits from many others, including retired policemen and firefighters.

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Same-Sex Couple Walks Down Aisle in Texas, Gets E-Married in D.C.

In a story first posted here last Thursday, a gay couple in Texas recently got married by an official in Washington D.C. via Skype.

Yesterday, Fox News spoke to Freedom to Marry Political Director, Sean Eldrige, about the marriage.

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Video: Dallas marriage ceremony of same-sex couple Skyped

Mark Reed and Dante Walkup tied the knot last month in Dallas because they found a loophole that makes it OK.

While their boots were planted at the W Hotel in Dallas, an officiate in the District of Columbia legalized their union through Skype.

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4th consecutive poll shows majority of Texans support either civil unions or marriage for gays

The 2010 Texas Lyceum poll was released Tuesday, and for the second straight year, more than half of respondents said they support some form of legal relationship status for same-sex couples — whether it be civil unions or marriage.

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Opinion: Maggie Gallagher, Stop the Bullying!

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), run by Maggie Gallagher and her sidekick, Brian Brown, has spent tens of millions of dollars in the past three years to bully and bash lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people and anyone who dares to support their full equality.

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