4th consecutive poll shows majority of Texans support either civil unions or marriage for gays

The 2010 Texas Lyceum poll was released Tuesday, and for the second straight year, more than half of respondents said they support some form of legal relationship status for same-sex couples — whether it be civil unions or marriage.

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Opinion: Maggie Gallagher, Stop the Bullying!

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), run by Maggie Gallagher and her sidekick, Brian Brown, has spent tens of millions of dollars in the past three years to bully and bash lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people and anyone who dares to support their full equality.

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Editorial: Fair Courts in the Cross-Fire

The New York Times editorial board criticizes campaigns against justices around the country, including an anti-gay campaign against the three Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of marriage for lesbian and gay couples in the state.

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Church that welcomes gays and lesbians breaks with Texas Baptists

A Baptist congregation that welcomes gay parishioners severed ties with the state's largest Baptist group, saying it would rather go its separate way than exclude people because of their sexual orientation.

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Why opponents of the freedom to marry fear court trials

William K. Black discusses the motives behind anti-gay Notre Dame Law School Professor Gerard Bradley's comments on the Prop 8 ruling: "Bradley recognizes that whether we describe these 'traditional attitudes' as revulsion, discrimination, or homophobia, they provide no rational basis for laws that discriminate against homosexuals."

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Linda Greenhouse: Hiding in plain sight

Linda Greenhouse: "Given that last week’s decision is most unlikely to be the last word, the real contribution of Judge Walker’s fact-filled opinion, and of the trial that preceded it, may be to enable a better informed public conversation.

Knowledge can change perceptions, which in turn can change reality.

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Texas GOP wishes to punish straight people who support the freedom to marry

The 2010 GOP platform in Texas supports laws that criminalize sodomy and suggests that straight people who support the freedom to marry should be penalized with jail time.

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Watch: Laura Bush on marriage —  gay couples ‘should have the same rights’ as everyone else

Former First Lady Laura Bush discussed her views on the freedom to marry and abortion on Larry King last night.

She said committed gay couples should have the same rights as everyone else and believes acceptance of it [marriage equality] is a "generational thing."

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Serious legal hurdles for divorce of same-sex couples

It's only been two months since the District of Columbia legalized the freedom to marry, but local attorney Lawrence Jacobs is already cautioning his clients: Marriage may be allowed, but divorce will be much harder to do.

While the District and five states have legalized marriage equality and consequently allow divorces, granting divorces to same-sex couples elsewhere is often murky. As married same-sex couples cross into states that explicitly ban or don't recognize the freedom to marry, they face a dilemma.

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Can gay couples divorce where their marriages are not honored?

D-I-V-O-R-C-E can be pure "H-E-double L," as Tammy Wynette sang, but what if the government decides to get in the act and puts you in a legal and relationship limbo that promises to last for months, perhaps years.

That is what is facing two Texas couples — a pair of men and a pair of women — who fell in love and married in Massachusetts and then fell out of love in Texas.

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