LDS Church fined for tardy financial reports during Prop 8

The LDS Church has agreed to pay a fine to California for failing to report, on time, contributions the Utah-based faith made in fall 2008 to help overturn the freedom to marry in the Golden State.

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Census aims to better count Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex couples filling out the 2010 Census questionnaire this week can identify themselves as either unmarried partners or married -- whether married legally or not -- and have confidence that their unions will show up in the statistics, U.S. Census Bureau officials say.

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DC Marriage Equality Safe

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, as the Senate considered a slew of Republican amendments to the House’s health care reconciliation “fixes,” Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) had his anti-LGBT amendment considered. The amendment would have postponed the Freedom to Marry in the District until a popular vote on the matter could be held.

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Utah Senator again tries to block D.C. Freedom to Marry

The District's new marriage equality law could become entangled, at least briefly, in the U.S. Senate debate over changes to the health care reform act that President Obama signed into law Tuesday.

Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) has introduced an amendment that would suspend the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples until the issue can be put before voters.

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DC Weddings continue, despite Congressional Scare

U.S. Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) has backed off pushing an amendment aimed at overturning D.C.’s freedom to marry law — most likely because his Republican colleagues joined Senate Democrats in opposing his plan to attach it to an aviation bill, according to Capitol Hill insiders.

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Utah Senator challenges District’s freedom to marry law

The Washington Post
February 4, 2010
Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah) has introduced legislation that would require Washington, D.C. to put marriage equality up for a vote by residents. The legislation is similar to that introduced by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) in the House. [Link]

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Increased support for LGBT equality in Utah

The Salt Lake Tribune
January 30, 2010

A new Salt Lake Tribune poll says that support for LGBT equality increased by 11 percent over the past year among Utah residents, and 10 percent among Mormons. Poll respondent Jania Evans, a 69-year-old Mormon who lives in Draper, says knowing people who are gay has changed her opinions over time. [Link]

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Utah Rep. Chaffetz Fighting Freedom to Marry in D.C.

Deseret News
January 27, 2010

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (R-Utah) introduced legislation Wednesday that seeks to overturn the marriage equality law that was passed by the Washington, D.C. city council, but Democratic leaders will likely not allow it to come to a vote due to the discriminatory nature of banning the freedom to marry. [Link]

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Proposition 8 Documented

CNN: CNN Newsroom
January 23, 2010

Brooke Anderson interviews Dustin Lance Black, Reed Cowan and Steven Greenstreet about 8: The Mormon Proposition, the film about the Mormon Church's involvement in the passage of Proposition 8. [Link]

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New Utah State Senator Comments on Aim to Extend Benefits to Gay Couples (Utah)
January 22, 2010

New Utah state Sen. Ben McAdams is aiming to extend legal protections for gay and lesbian couples who wish to bring a lawsuit in the case of a wrongful death. McAdams: "We need to recognize these families and provide some support and some benefit for them." [Link]

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