Maryland Attorney General Impeachment Effort rejected

A House of Delegates committee rejected Wednesday a Republican lawmaker's attempt to impeach Maryland's attorney general over an opinion he issued recently on the freedom to marry.

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Video: Beginning of Partnership of Ted Olson and David Boies on Prop 8 Trial

Campbell Brown reviews the chain of events that led to the formation of a famous legal duo guiding the pro-gay side of the Prop 8 Trial in California.

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Voice for Equality: Congressman Michael Capuano

Michael Capuano is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 8th District of Massachusetts.

In the spring of 2010, it was announced that The Boston Gay Men's Chorus would give a performance of "We the People," a sweeping work for chorus and narrators that delves into the social, legal, religious, and historical aspects of the marriage equality debate with Rep. Capuano, a long time chorus season subscriber, as guest narrator.

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Trial in Prop 8 Case Is Challenged

Opponents of the freedom to marry have long said the issue does not belong in the courts. Lately they have gone a step further.

They say Judge Vaughn R. Walker, the chief judge of the Federal District Court in San Francisco, made a serious mistake by calling for a trial in a challenge to California’s ban on marriage equality rather than deciding the case based on paper submissions.

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Voice for Equality: Stephen Lynch

Stephen F. Lynch is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Massachusetts's 9th congressional district since 2001.

In the 2001 special election that sent US Representative Stephen F. Lynch to Washington, the South Boston politician was accused of being hostile to gay rights. A decade later, the low-key lawmaker is winning praise from freedom to marry advocates in the nation’s capital.

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Video: Maryland Attorney General Gansler Discusses Marriage Opinion

Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler in video discussing his recent opinion on the state recognizing marriages of gay couples performed elsewhere.appeared on local FOX5 late last week to discuss his opinion that the state could recognize marriages of gay couples performed elsewhere.

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Freedom to Marry opinion was politics unusual in Maryland

Though Maryland is the state with the nation's largest percentage of left-leaning voters, its lawmakers in Annapolis are more conservative than their counterparts in other deep-blue states.

Powerful Democrats in the legislature hold onto their jobs for decades by moving slowly, not setting trends.

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Maryland AG: Small Gains on LGBT Issues can contribute to Larger Gains like the Freedom to Marry

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (D) has provided an authoritative reading of what the law commands in concluding that marriages of gay couples performed in other jurisdictions may -- and should -- be recognized under Maryland law. In the process, he has produced a legal compass that should be followed to provide overdue equality for gay and lesbian couples in Maryland.

In pointing to the incremental extension of various protections to gay residents of Maryland as the basis for his opinion that a "public policy exception" would likely not be used by courts to block out-of-state marriages of gay couples, Gansler supports the theory that small LGBT gains on a variety of issues can contribute to larger gains like the freedom to marry.

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Memo to Maryland: Honor out-of-state marriage licenses

Just days before Washington, D.C.’s new marriage equality law is set to go into effect, Maryland's Attorney General, Douglas Gansler, issued a long-awaited opinion stating same-sex marriages validated in other jurisdictions “may be recognized” under Maryland state law.

Lisa Keen of Keen News Service reports that "Much of the reaction to Gansler’s memo seemed to presume there was an immediacy to his issuance, and it reflected both praise and promises of undoing."

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Equality Maryland Circulates Petition in Support of Attorney General’s Opinion on Marriage

Maryland Attorney General, Doug Gansler, released an opinion Wednesday instructing state agencies to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages.

While this is a huge step forward for LGBT Marylanders and their families, the opposition is already digging in for a fight. A petition, "I Support MD Attorney General Gansler's Opinion on Out-of-State Marriage Recognition" is being circulated to show strong support for the A.G.'s Opinion.

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