Evan Wolfson receives APA/AGLP John Fryer Award

Evan Wolfson received the John Fryer Award last month at APA's Institute on Psychiatric Services in Boston.

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Evan Wolfson named Marriage Equality’s December Advocate of the Month

Following his whirlwind visit to Ireland from the 12-15 of November, Marriage Equality are delighted to name Evan Wolfson as December's Advocate of the Month.

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Makeup of Prop 8 panel seems promising for marriage equality advocates

Attorneys fighting for marriage equality in the Prop 8 case at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals will see at least one friendly face staring back when they give oral arguments next week.

Stephen Reinhardt, a Carter appointee who has been solidly in the liberal wing of the court since he took the bench in 1980, is on the panel, along with Clinton appointee Michael Daley Hawkins and N. Randy Smith, a George W. Bush pick.

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Illinois state lawmakers could take up civil unions this week

The Illinois General Assembly this week could consider legislation to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples, giving them many of the same legal rights as married people.

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The Message From Iowa

Evan Wolfson: "The National Organization for Marriage's insidious attack on the independent judiciary should give us all pause."

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Freedom to Marry Voices for Equality figure prominently in 2010 election

Many of Freedom to Marry’s Voices for Equality figured prominently in the 2010 election cycle.

Have you checked out our over 1300 VFEs lately?

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Evan Wolfson: The many faces of antigay prejudice

In a New York Times letter to the editor, Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson reveals that "government itself is the No. 1 discriminator against gay Americans through its denial of equality under the law."

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Cowan-Wolfson: A quiet shift in GOP stance on the freedom to marry

Jon Cowan and Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson discuss the possible causes and implications of the GOP not displaying its usual anti-gay election-year demagoguery.

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Evan Wolfson: Seizing the moment

In the wake of recent suicides by LGBT youths, Freedom to Marry executive director, Evan Wolfson, explains how the denial of marriage equality negatively impacts the LGBT community - especially the youngest who are often most vulnerable:

"Scholarly studies have shown that legal inequality, including marriage discrimination, and the way in which the debate over gay people’s aspirations to equality under the law is conducted, has a profoundly negative impact on gay Americans. This is especially true of young people who are deprived of the dream of marrying the person they love and having a family that is legally and socially accepted."

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Gallagher, Wolfson debate the freedom to marry

Evan Wolfson ’78, founder and executive director of Freedom to Marry, and Maggie Gallagher ’82, former president of the National Organization for Marriage, joined about 250 students and guests in Sudler Hall for a YPU debate titled “Resolved: Same-Sex Couples Should be Allowed to Marry.”

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