California ruling puts President Obama on the spot

A federal judge’s ruling Wednesday striking down California’s ban on the freedom to marry is a historic and possibly pivotal legal victory for gay rights advocates, but the decision also poses a formidable threat to President Barack Obama’s strategy of relegating divisive social issues to the back burner.

Evan Wolfson: "His position on Prop. 8 has always been clear. What has not been clear is how he squares his position for equality with his refusal to embrace actual equality in marriage."

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Evan Wolfson: After historic Prop 8 ruling, what’s next for the freedom to marry

Evan Wolfson puts yesterday's historic Prop 8 ruling in perspective and highlights the work still to be done: " maximize the chances both of winning on appeal and winning at the ballot-box, we now must make as compelling a case for the freedom to marry in the court of public opinion as in the court of law."

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The freedom to marry in Argentina - will other nations follow?

Argentina has now gone the furthest in support of the freedom to marry of any nation in Latin America, and proponents are hoping the move influences other nations.

“I think it will have enormous impact in Argentina and South America and around the world, including in the US, because it signifies the tremendous momentum in favor of the freedom to marry," says Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry.

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Freedom to Marry kicks off Summer for Marriage tour

Freedom to Marry's Summer for Marriage tour begins today. With our local, state, and national partners, we've planned pro-marriage events across the country in July and August.

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Amid Mass. rulings on the freedom to marry, Proposition 8 case could have larger effect

As both sides await news of a likely appeal in the Massachusetts marriage ruling from last week that could eventually lead to the Supreme Court, they are keeping an eye on California. A federal judge in San Francisco is expected to rule any day on whether voters in that state were within their rights when they supported a 2008 ballot initiative that banned marriage equality.

That decision could have major reverberations around the country and also end up before the nation's highest court.

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Basis of ruling on LGBT rights stirs debate

A judge’s decision on Thursday declaring that a state law honoring the freedom to marry in Massachusetts should take precedence over a federal definition of marriage has exposed the fractures and fault lines among groups working to bolster states’ rights.

Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said the court's ruling "provides a return to the way the federal government has always dealt with marriage — leaving it to the states."

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Wolfson: Lingle Veto “Profoundly Disingenuous”

Freedom to Marry executive director Evan Wolfson called the civil unions veto from Hawaii governor Linda Lingle “profoundly disingenuous” as exemplified by her recommendation that the public should vote on the issue, which it already did in 1998.

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Freedom to Marry’s Summer for Marriage

Freedom to Marry is announcing that we will join NOM in embracing this summer as a Summer for Marriage. We will do this by spreading the word across the country about the importance of ending exclusion from marriage.

As part of Freedom to Marry’s Summer for Marriage, we are working with our supporters, as well as local and state partners, to plan rallies and other events wherever NOM is planning to push discrimination and distort the truth about gay couples and their families. In 17 states and the District of Columbia, we will share our stories and demonstrate how the denial of marriage harms same-sex couples and their families, while helping no one.

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Evan Wolfson: In love and war, honoring the commitment of gay americans

Freedom to Marry's Executive Director, Evan Wolfson, comments on last week's historic votes in the House and Senate Armed Services Committee to repeal the so-called 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

"While repealing military discrimination certainly honors the values of our nation, it is only a step toward closing the door on fundamental unfairness."

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Listen: Evan Wolfson and David French debate the freedom to marry on Michael Medved radio show

Freedom to Marry Executive Director, Evan Wolfson, and David French of the Alliance Defense Fund debated issues surrounding the freedom to marry on Thursday, May 20th on the Michael Medved radio show.

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