One Minute for Marriage

Equal Rights Washington
November 19, 2008
Equal Rights Washington launches their video testimony project called One Minute for Marriage where people share their views on why marriage equality is important to them. (Link)
Learn more about what's going on in Washington.

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CNN: American Morning - Battle Just Begun

November 17, 2008

Evan Wolfson on the outcry over Prop. 8's passage: "This is not a question of blaming somebody or finding a racial group or an ethnic group or even an age group. It's really about having the conversation that moves people forward." [Link]

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MSNBC News Live - Same-Sex Marriage Debate

November 12, 2008

11.12.08 04:35 pm - Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson and Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg debate Prop. 8 and reasons behind allowing or not allowing gay couples to marry. Wolfson: "Marriage is fundamental right. It's important to gay people as to non-gay people." [Link]
Watch more Evan Wolfson in more videos.

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Judge Judy Speaks Out About Prop. 8 on Larry King Live

November 11, 2008

Larry King talks with Judge Judy about her thoughts on the election, the passage of Proposition 8 in California, and the passage of Act 1 in Arkansas. [Link to CNN]

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CNN Headline News: Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell - Prop. 8 Goes to Court

November 12, 2008

Jane Velez-Mitchell interviews Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson and the anti-gay Liberty Counsel's Mathew Staver on their opposing viewpoints on Prop. 8 and marriage protections for gay couples in Calif. [Link]

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Special Comment: The Passage of Prop 8

MSNBC's The News Hole
November 10, 2008

Keith Olbermann said, "You are asked now to stand, on a question All you need do is stand, and let the tiny ember of love meet its own fate. You don't have to help it, you don't have it applaud it, you don't have to fight for it. Just don't put it out. Just don't extinguish it. Because while it may at first look like that love is between two people you don't know and you don't understand and maybe you don't even want to know...It is, in fact, the ember of your love, for your fellow **person..." [Link]

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Obama on privacy and the right to marry

Citizen Crain
October 30, 2008
In an interview with Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News, Brian asked Barack Obama about how he might approach his appointments to the Supreme Court. In describing how he might interview a prospective Justice Obama said, "The right to marry who you please isn't in the Constitution but I think all of us assume that if a state decided to pass a law saying, Brian you can't marry the woman you love, then you'd think that is unconstitutional. Where does that come from? I think it comes from the right to privacy." [Link]

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Senator Feinstein: No on Prop 8

No on 8
October 28, 2008
The NO on Prop 8 campaign released a new television spot featuring Senator Dianne Feinstein who, speaking directly to voters, tells Californians “Proposition 8 would be a terrible mistake for California. It’s about discrimination and we must always say NO to that.” (Link)
Watch more videos about Election 2008.

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California’s top educator calls Prop. 8 commercials “despicable”

No on 8
October 23, 2008
The NO on Prop 8 campaign released a tough new television ad featuring California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell, who voiced his strong opposition to Prop 8 and the lies about the public education system. (Link)

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Arkansas: Vote no on Act 1

Pam's House Blend
October 22, 2008
Arkansas Families First has released a 30-second spot features faces and voices of real Arkansas children, including former foster and adopted children. The children are joined by adults who lived in foster homes as children. Together, they ask voters to say no to Initiated Act 1, which would ban unmarried couples from adopting or fostering children. [Link]

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