D.C. Marriage Applications soar thanks to Gay Couples

Marriage applications have skyrocketed since the District started issuing licenses for same-sex couples this month, with droves of gay partners expected to relocate to the city from states where they can't tie the knot.

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Remembering a “Loving Spirit” This Valentine’s Day

Rev. Irene Monroe takes the occasion of Valentine's Day to remember the 1967 Loving v. Virginia U.S. Supreme Court decision that "set the stage for defining marriage as a civil right. May the 'Loving -spirit' of Mildred Loving and the justice acts of St. Valentine be with us on this day."

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Virginia Delegate Hopes to Reverse Denial of Freedom to Marry

The Gainesville Times
February 9, 2010

Delegate David Englin, D-Alexandria, wants Virginia to repeal its constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. He says the amendment, which voters approved four years ago, is unfair to gay and lesbian couples. “If we are to take our founding values seriously, where we say that every human being deserves equal treatment under the law, then we cannot enshrine in the Constitution a policy that boils down to nothing but bigotry,” Englin said. [Link]

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Editorial: Allow marriage equality to stand in D.C.

Roanoke Times
December 28, 2009

The Virginia based paper writes, "The District of Columbia City Council has voted to allow same-sex marriage in the nation's capital, and the mayor has signed the law. Now it goes to Congress where lawmakers have the authority to override it. They should refrain from doing so." (Link)

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Virginia Governor Plans to Extend Health Benefits to Same-Sex Partners

The Washington Post
December 4, 2009

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has directed his staff to begin putting into effect a proposal that would allow domestic partners of gay and straight employees to be covered under the state's employee health plan. [Link]

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Governors blast Catholic Church over funding threat

Hands Across the Potomac - WTOP
November 24, 2009
The governors of Virginia and Maryland both blasted the Catholic Church over its threat to stop providing social service programs in the District, if the city's proposed marriage equality law isn't changed. The criticism from the governors came on WTOP's Hands Across the Potomac radio program on Tuesday. [Link]

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D.C. Marriage Bill Draws Eyes Across the Region

The Washington Post
November 12, 2009
A bill that would allow marriage for gay couples in Washington, D.C., is attracting attention from both supporters and opponents of marriage equality for its potential to influence policy in other areas of the region. [Link]

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Americans United: The Religious Right’s Allies Win Public Offices In Virginia And New Jersey, Roll B

Americans United for Separation of Church and State
November 4, 2009
Election results in Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Maine serve as a reminder that the Religious Right remains an influential force in political life, according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State. [Link]

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OP-ED: Virginia’s public universities need to institute partner health benefits or risk falling behi

Richmond Times-Dispatch
September 10, 2009
Bob Witeck: It is time for Gov. Kaine to lead. It is time for all leaders in Virginia to become part of the solution. This is not about ideology or politics. It is about keeping our universities competitive nationally -- and our commonwealth having the decency to enable our employees to buy this coverage. [Link]

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Va. Must Enforce Gay Visitation Rights

WRIC Richmond News
December 9, 1008
The U.S. Supreme Court decided to uphold a ruling that the state of Virginia must enforce a Vermont court order awarding a lesbian's former partner visitation with their child. [Link]

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