In VA, discriminatory marriage amendment passes, but may have cost Allen the election

Falls Church News-Press
November 9, 2006

An analysis of the voting pattern Tuesday in Virginia suggests that the so-called "marriage amendment" on the ballot as Question 1 might have cost U.S. Senator George Allen the election. If true, it would mark an ironic twist, the backfiring of an effort Republicans hoped would spur a stronger turnout for their incumbent. [link]

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Historic post-election results

Freedom to Marry Press Release
November 8, 2006
"Win or lose, we are involved in a steady campaign of engagement, based not on election cycles, but on patient and persistent conversations that give people the information they need, and the time required to absorb that information," said Evan Wolfson. "We are committed to engaging this conversation until we achieve an end to discrimination in all 50 states." [link]

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Panelists blast VA anti-gay marriage referendum

Washington Jewish Week
October 18, 2006
"There is a minority in our society who are being singled out and targeted because they happen to be different," Virginia Sen. Englin said, "and our job as a Jewish community and my job as a Jewish legislator is to try to do something about that." [link]

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EDITORIAL: The anti-family amendment

The Roanoke Times
September 19, 2006
When a state's attorney general interprets the marriage amendment one way and a hundred-plus attorneys view it another, Virginians can be sure of one thing: Much time, money and brainpower will clog the state's courts for years to come if that amendment passes in November. [link]

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Feeling unwelcome, some gays vacate VA

The Washington Post
August 7, 2006
Art director Beth Lower and her partner, Kati Towle, owned a home in Arlington but didn't know about the Virginia laws until they went to a lawyer to draw up a will and adoption paperwork for Lower after Towle became pregnant. "The lawyer said, 'Don't have that baby in Virginia,' " recalled Lower, who works for a trade association. "We weren't really into Virginia politics, so we didn't really know about any laws that might be working against us." [Link]

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