Panelists blast VA anti-gay marriage referendum

Washington Jewish Week
October 18, 2006
"There is a minority in our society who are being singled out and targeted because they happen to be different," Virginia Sen. Englin said, "and our job as a Jewish community and my job as a Jewish legislator is to try to do something about that." [link]

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EDITORIAL: The anti-family amendment

The Roanoke Times
September 19, 2006
When a state's attorney general interprets the marriage amendment one way and a hundred-plus attorneys view it another, Virginians can be sure of one thing: Much time, money and brainpower will clog the state's courts for years to come if that amendment passes in November. [link]

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Feeling unwelcome, some gays vacate VA

The Washington Post
August 7, 2006
Art director Beth Lower and her partner, Kati Towle, owned a home in Arlington but didn't know about the Virginia laws until they went to a lawyer to draw up a will and adoption paperwork for Lower after Towle became pregnant. "The lawyer said, 'Don't have that baby in Virginia,' " recalled Lower, who works for a trade association. "We weren't really into Virginia politics, so we didn't really know about any laws that might be working against us." [Link]

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