Washinton Governor Gregoire Makes Fundraising Pitch for Gay Rights

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
October 14, 2009
Gov. Chris Gregoire on Tuesday sent out an e-mail urging voters to uphold the domestic partner law she signed earlier this year. "Referendum 71 will be on this November's ballot and we must tell Washingtonians to vote APPROVE to keep the law in place," Gregoire said in the e-mail. [Link]

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Ref. 71 Opponents Get $200,000 Campaign Boost

The Seattle Times
October 13, 2009
The anti-gay Family Policy Institute of Washington this week contributed $200,000 to the campaign opposing Wash. state's expanded domestic partnership law; however, as of Tuesday, two campaigns registered to support Ref. 71 were reporting almost $1.3 million, compared with $260,000 for their opponents. [Link]

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ENDORSEMENT: Approve R-71 to Fulfill Promise of Civil Unions

The Tacoma News Tribune
October 14, 2009
The Tacoma News Tribune urges readers to pass Washington state's Referendum 71, which it calls "a collection of big and small benefits that together would help make life easier and fairer for committed same-sex couples." [Link]

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VIEWPOINT: R-71 would help protect Washington families – like mine

October 8, 2009
In my job as a public health official, it is my performance that matters. In civic and nonprofit work, it is my willingness to serve the community. In my friendships, it is who I am and how I treat others. In the part of my life most important to me, what matters is the loving, 20-year relationship I’ve had with my domestic partner, Laura, and our commitment to being good parents to our 9-year-old biological son. [link]

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Different state, same anti-gay opponents and same anti-gay ads

October 8, 2009

Protect Marriage Washington's ad against Referendum 71 is one of the most bombastic we've seen yet, and that's saying something. Over on Pam's House Blend, commenter Abraxas Bear notes:

The intro pic of Adam and Eve is a painting by Lowell Bruce Bennett, and the painting happens to be the intellectual property of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. See the copyright notice here, on their official website (especially note if you click the picture to enlarge, you get a separate copyright attached to the image itself). It so happens that the LDS/Mormon church is vociferous about protecting its intellectual property, so if this ad doesn't get promptly pulled, you can count on it having been used by LDS church permission! (Link)

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Poll: R-71 Has Narrow Lead in Washington

The Stranger
October 6, 2009

Referendum 71, which would uphold the state's domestic-partnership bill if approved, is leading in the Seattle area but losing in less populous parts of the state, according to a poll conducted by Survey USA. Of the 548 voters surveyed in Washington, 45 percent said they would certainly approve the measure, 42 percent said they would reject it, and 13 percent were undecided. (Link)

Help approve Referendum 71 by getting involved in the campaign here.

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Video: Am I Protected: Protect Domestic Partnerships In Washington State

October 4, 2009
Every day LGBT people face inequalities that just don't make sense, from small acts of discrimination to ones with tragic consequences. [Link]

Support R71 here.

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Microsoft Donates $100,000 to Support Washington State R-71

SLOG (The Stranger)
October 5, 2009
The Microsoft Corporation donated $100,000 to the campaign trying to approve Referendum 71 in Washington. If voters approve the measure, they will uphold the state's expanded domestic partnership law. Microsoft's donation is larger than all the contributions combined for the campaign to reject the referendum. [Link]

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Op-Ed: Support equality, support Referendum 71

The Olympian (Washington)
October 4, 2009
The Olympian's editorial board endorses Referendum 71 and encourages voters to approve equal rights for domestic partners by voting to approve the referendum. [Link]

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Court Dismisses Suit by Lesbian Who Couldn’t See Dying Partner at Miami Hospital

The Miami Herald
September 30, 2009
A federal court in Miami has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Washington state lesbian who was not allowed to visit her dying partner at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Lambda Legal says the case "highlights how vulnerable same-sex couples and their families are." [Link]

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