Madison WI mulls protest against marriage discrimination in oaths of office

January 15, 2007
City council officials will consider adding a line to the oaths of office taken by elected and appointed officials in Madison that states disagreement with an anti-gay amendment — even though the same oath says they will uphold both the Wisconsin and the US constitutions. Using the line disapproving of the amendment would be a matter of choice. [link]

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A Muslim-American reflection on WI’s civil-union ban

The American Muslim
December 11, 2006
Today, some Muslims are content with civil-union bans because they identify with certain values of these restrictions and because they do not see such a ban largely affecting their communities. However, tomorrow could be a day where the government, under the same authority, bans Hijab. Reflecting a trend from European countries, many Americans could proclaim that they distrust Hijab and feel that it is oppressive towards women. Regardless of how we as Muslims feel, the argument could be made that aspects of our lifestyle contradict some values of the American majority. In the same way those seeking civil unions are struggling at this moment, our lifestyle could also be subject to a legal popularity contest. What will we do then? [Link]

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Same-sex couples struggle for legal protection

La Crosse Tribune
December 3, 2006

Since Wisconsin voted to write discrimination into their state constitution, many gay and lesbian couples feel the urgent need to try to protect their relationships as best they can with a series of legal steps. [link]

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Historic post-election results

Freedom to Marry Press Release
November 8, 2006
"Win or lose, we are involved in a steady campaign of engagement, based not on election cycles, but on patient and persistent conversations that give people the information they need, and the time required to absorb that information," said Evan Wolfson. "We are committed to engaging this conversation until we achieve an end to discrimination in all 50 states." [link]

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OPINION: Quaker statement on marriage equality

Lacrosse Tribune
October 20, 2006
On November's ballot, Wisconsin will vote on a constitutional ban on same-gender marriages. We of Religious Society of Friends believe the movement to isolate and scapegoat homosexuals, to promote hatred against them, and to impose in law one group's religious beliefs on us all, is blatantly immoral and contrary to Jesus' teachings. [link]

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OPINION: Walking in another’s shoes, then vote ‘no’

The Coulee News
October 19, 2006
Before you vote on this referendum item, please first ask yourself: "What if a child of mine, a sibling or another loved were to follow the unique, intrinsic compass with which each of us is born, and enter into a same-sex relationship with a partner for whom they care deeply?" Who among us has the right to judge such a person, much less reject them or discriminate against them? [link]

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Wisconsin Legal Protections

What's in store for WI?
Wisconsin State Journal
October 17, 2006

Wisconsin, once a leader in expanding legal protections for gay men and lesbians, is no longer a standout. Nonetheless, a court ruling that would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in the state appears neither imminent nor impossible.[Link]

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Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment

WI anti-gay measure nears vote
Wisconsin State Journal
October 15, 2006

Wisconsin voters will decide whether or not to reject a discriminatory anti-gay measure constitutionalizing discrimination next month.
"What the proponents of this attack amendment are trying to do is tie the hands of the people of Wisconsin for all time so that the next generation, government agencies, cities, the state Legislature and others can never make their own decision on how to end this discrimination"
-Evan Wolfson

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Love and activism in WI

The Advocate
September 15, 2006
Wisconsin couple Richard Taylor and Ray Vahey were coming up on 50 years together when Taylor died in July. In their last year together they decided to finally come out to family and friends and joined a very public fight against a constitutional marriage exclusion amendment. [link]

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Public Opinion

Hope in CO, SD, WI
August 11, 2006

"The public is talking about (same-sex parented) families and how denying them the right to marry hurts them, and that continues to move public opinion in our favor"

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