Prop 8’s Message to Youth: Blatant Lies and Transparent Bigotry

Box Turtle Bulletin
September 9, 2008
Timothy Kincaid writes that supporters of Prop. 8 have erected a youth-geared Web site called that publishes an "astonishing [...] number of obvious and blatant lies" about marriage for gay couples. [Link]

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Study finds shift in gay demographic
August 5, 2008
The researchers said that two-thirds of younger gay people expect to be partnered with kids at some point in their adulthood, while less than a third of gays 35 and older expect the same. And overall, gay people rank marriage equality as the number one issue about which they’re passionate, followed by the environment, health care and the economy. [Link]

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EDITORIAL: Marriage is nobody’s business but the couple’s

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
July 10, 2008
Teen council members write, "No matter how orthodox and strict your own ideology may be, you still should not impose it, and the thousands of laws and customs that come with it, upon anyone else." [Link]

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COLUMN: Farewell, All You Old Homophobes

San Francisco Chronicle
June 11, 2008
Columnist Mark Morford writes that people under 45 are moving issues such as marriage for gay couples forward, and suggests that all generations should try to be open to new perspectives. [Link]

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The Same People

June 9, 2008 Issue
Anna Quindlen discusses the social movement toward support of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples: "Scream, shout, jump up and down. No matter. The gay-marriage issue is over and done with. The upshot: love won... The California Supreme Court called gay marriage a 'basic civil right.' In hindsight, it will merely be called ordinary life." [Link]

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Will I Live to See My Wedding Day?

Huffington Post
May 15, 2008

Shaun Jacob Halper blogs about anticipating the California Supreme Court decision on marriage for gay couples, and his personal fear that he will never be able to marry. (Link)

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Ordinary, Like Us

Independent Gay Forum
May 7, 2008

Jennifer Vanasco discusses the “very ordinary” findings of a recently released report which said young gay and lesbian people want to be married and have kids. (Link)

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Young Gay Rites

New York Times Magazine
April 27, 2008

A look at young gay men who marry in Massachusetts, the only state in which committed gay and lesbian couples can marry. (Link)

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Some Young Religious Voters Steering Away From Anti-Gay Measures

Associated Press
April 25, 2008

The AP reports a growing number of religious youth are placing social justice issues, instead of divisive wedge issues, at the center of their moral and political decision making. (Link)

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Gay and Lesbian Youth Want Long-Term Couple Relationships and Raising Children

Rockway Institute
April 23, 2008
"We seem to be witnessing the mainstreaming of lesbian/gay youth, with many of them wanting exactly what heterosexual youth have always wanted - the whole American dream complete with kids and the minivan. This should not be surprising when one considers that most lesbian/gay youth also have been raised in very mainstream heterosexual families with similar values and parental models." He continued, "Although some lesbian/gay adults may prefer less conventional lives, most agree that the primary issue is whether these youth will be given the equal legal rights to realize their couple and family aspirations just like their heterosexual peers." (Link)

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