Shifting attitudes on gay rights extend around globe, experts say

"Often courts will make decisions that are predictors of what public opinion is going to be a few years from now," says Brian Powell, an Indiana University sociology professor.

"Public attitudes don't change really quickly, but this [the freedom to marry] is one that's changing really, really quickly," Powell said.

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The conservative case to rethink the freedom to marry

Christian Bentzen: "Conservatives have a somewhat questionable history with regard civil rights, a trend that has roots in the south and continued on with Barry Goldwater who infamously opposed the Civil Rights Act as unconstitutional. The consequence of their reaction to the recent [Prop 8] ruling is that conservatives may be planting the seeds of their own demise (as the polls have indicated) and find themselves on the wrong side of civil rights history."

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Is public opinion on marriage equality ahead of the Supreme Court’s?

Michael Klarman: Judicial opinions on cultural issues usually reflect settled shifts in public attitudes. What does this mean for the fate of the freedom to marry in the Supreme Court?

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California’s freedom to marry decision unlikely to shift campaign focus from economy

At another time, the ruling overturning California's ban on marriage equality might have been the political equivalent of an earthquake.

Instead, the relatively restrained response underscores both the singular economic focus of this year's elections and the shifting politics of one of the country's major social issues.

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“Celebrate Our Families Day” in Tampa & Orlando

Sunday was a stormy day across Florida, blinding rain and slippery roads - a perfect day to stay home. But we didn't. Nor did the nearly 200 folks who came out to the "Celebrate Our Families" events in Tampa and Orlando.

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Speaking of children…

Spencer Weinreich, one of Freedom to Marry's summer interns, explores the role marriage equality plays in the lives of gay and lesbian children who are often left out of the debate.

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Life, liberty, and ending inequality

Hans Johnson writes about repealing the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because of cases like Charlene Strong's, a lesbian who was barred from seeing her dying partner in the hospital.

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The freedom to marry is a generational issue

The freedom to marry is a generational issue for several reasons, as the Newsweek correspondent and blogger Katie Connolly points out.

Obviously being from one generation or another does not prevent someone from supporting equality, but the trend is worth noting.

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Civil unions v. marriage

Hawaii's HB 444 would give same-sex couples the ability to protect themselves and their families, but it's not marriage

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Two weddings, a divorce and ‘Glee’

Frank Rich discusses the Prop 8 trial in California: "Gays are far from the only Americans still facing discrimination, but as [David] Boies said when I interviewed him about the Prop 8 case last week, the ban on the freedom to marry 'is the last area in which the state is taking an active role in enforcing discrimination.'”

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