5 gorgeous photos that ‘Capture Love’ in new wedding photography book

At Freedom to Marry, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words: Every day, we share photos of loving and committed same-sex couples on our blog and social media platforms, and the photos always resonate powerfully with our supporters. They capture the joy of a wedding day, the burden of anti-gay laws like DOMA, and the hope of same-sex couples who want to get married in a unique and powerful way that words can't always accomplish.

A new, first-of-its-kind book, Capturing Love, aims to coach photographers on the most effective ways to create powerful, resonant photos of same-sex couples. With interesting stories, beautiful examples, and helpful explanations, the book - compiled by Thea Dodds of Authentic Eye Photography and Kathryn Hamm of GayWeddings.com - hopes to train photographers in better commemorating same-sex couples' engagements, wedding days, and lives together. The book, which has enjoyed a limited run since January 16, will be fully released in March 2013. You can check out a list of book tour dates and appearances by the authors HERE

Dodds explained how Capturing Love is different from other wedding photo books. She said:

Weddings are changing, and photography education needs to change too. For wedding photographers, it can be a challenge to pose and set up a wedding portrait in a way that truly reflects the uniqueness of each couple, especially when they've been trained to use a certain set of poses that were designed for a man and a woman. We hope Capturing Love inspires every photographer shooting a same-sex wedding to think outside the box, and to create photos that truly capture the one-of-a-kind magic present at each couple's wedding day. 

Here are five gorgeous photos from Capturing Lovewhich you can order HERE, and some backstory behind the framing and execution of each shot!

"Fire Escape," Maggie Winters Photography 

"There was once a time when creating a professional portrait meant that the subject would be posed, looking directly at the camera. But, again, times have changed. The lesbian couple featured here may not be making eye contact with the viewer, but the essence of their love is explicitly represented." 

"Blue Sky," Dawn E. Roscoe Photography

"What might have begun as a self-conscious moment as the photographer directed this couple into a pose emerges instead as a genuine moment, punctuated by laughter and an intimate exchange. Even the fact that their eyes are closed seems to add to the authenticity of the moment, shared on this, their wedding day."

"Bouquets," Kat Forder Photography 

"With two brides, you might have two bouqets for one couple, and large bouquets can be an obstacle when creating physical closeness in an image. This photographer had her brides lay their flowers aside so they could get close. The result? A classic wedding pose with a playful, color-infused twist."

"Collective Emotion," Cean One Photography

"Group shots at same-sex weddings have the potential to create a significant emotional impact; these are the images that show family and community support for the couples' unions. Often celebrating personal and political milestones, these photographs can capture viscerally the strong emotions present at same-sex weddings now that states have begun to legalize same-sex marriage."

"A Bridal Seascape," Torie McMillan Photography

"This image benefits from impeccable timing. Rather than showcasing the standard newlywed kiss, Torie revealed a new dimension of intimacy between tehse women, showing us just how much sweeter the moment before a kiss, with its sweet nothings quietly exchanged, can be." 

Learn more about Capturing Love HERE.