Freedom to Marry celebrates investment in four historic marriage wins

Election Day marked a watershed moment for the campaign to win marriage nationwide. In Maine, Maryland, and Washington, we ended the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage. In Minnesota, we defeated a hideous anti-gay constitutional amendment that would have permanently limited the freedom to marry in the state. We reelected President Barack Obama, the first president ever to run on a national party platform that fully and explicitly supported marriage for same-sex couples. And in a number of other races last night, we secured pro-marriage legislatures or retained pro-marriage judicial voices. 

Freedom to Marry is thrilled to see the nation capitalize on the momentum we've been experiencing in the nationwide movement for the freedom to marry. We are proud to have supported each of the four ballot measures and provided critical resources for the campaign teams in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington.

Freedom to Marry was the largest out-of-state funder of marriage work in three of the four battleground states. We are the largest funder of work to advance the freedom to marry in the nation. In addition to direct funding, Freedom to Marry has provided central support for marriage work in the states, including political and messaging guidance, new media coordination, and strategic leadership.

In the 2011-2012 election cycle, Freedom to Marry raised and invested a total of $7 million in the four ballot states, including infusions of $4.6 million in cash to the campaigns, in-kind contributions of staff and expertise, and an additionally secured $2.4 million in funding for separate public education efforts. With this money, we helped show voters why marriage matters to same-sex couples, why civil union or institutions less than marriage are not enough, and how extending the freedom to marry to all loving and committed couples can strengthen communities. 

Check out THIS GRAPHIC to understand how our funds have bolstered the state campaigns: It's translated directly to a record number of phone calls made, doors knocked, conversations engaged, and volunteer shifts completed. Help us celebrate by sharing the photo on Facebook!