New poll shows a majority of New Yorkers support the new marriage law

When the New York freedom to marry bill became law, NOM leadership did its best Big Bad Wolf impression threatening to huff and puff and blow our marriage house down.  A new NY1/Marist poll shows that NOM might want to rethink its plan. 

The poll shows 55% of New Yorkers supporting the law with only 36% opposing it. Even more interesting is that 63% of New Yorkers do not want the law overturned and 70% of those polled say that if they were invited to a same-sex wedding they would attend. 

In other words, NOM is proven once again to be out of step with a majority of New Yorkers who consider the issue of marriage for same-sex couples settled. They understand what Freedom to Marry has often said: when same-sex couples are able to marry, families are helped and no one is harmed.

We released this video as part of New York marriage campaign and it shows why marriage matters to same-sex couples and their families. After 61 years, Richard and John are finally able to legally wed in the state they call home.

As we celebrate couples like Richard and John who are now able to marry in New York, they will also feel the sting of federal discrimination through the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. You can help by urging your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage, a bill that would repeal DOMA.