Richard Carey begins cross-country bike ride for Freedom to Marry

This morning, Richard Carey begins a bike ride journey across the country in support of the freedom to marry. The cyclist plans to ride his bicycle across the country and stop along the way to speak with Americans about why marriage matters for same-sex couples.  

The cyclist will also be raising funds for Freedom to Marry's Win More States Fund, which will go directly to supporting marriage campaigns at the ballot in November.  

Carey leaves today from Vancouver, Washington, a state that's facing a ballot initiative that could overturn the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. His 53-day, 3,667-mile ride will take him all across the country, but he's making sure to spend ample time in Washington, Minnesota, and Maine, which are all facing crucial ballot measures this November concerning the freedom to marry. 

Carey understands that millions of Americans are changing their views on marriage for same-sex couples. "Americans are currently engaged in a conversation about whether same-sex couples should be able to share in the freedom to marry," he said. "I'm going to join that conversation in a rather direct way, by riding my bike across the country and talking with people I meet along the way. I'll talk about the cause with anyone and everyone who's interested."  

The 53-year-old cyclist's motivations for undergoing the challenging bike trip primarily concern the messages that young people are receiving each day. Carey, who has a 20-year-old son, said: "Denying same-sex couples the opportunity to make a lifetime commitment to each other through marriage tells young people that gay people are second-class citizens. Everyone, gay or straight, should be able to dream the same dream, of marrying and taking care of the person they love, through good times and bad. I'm riding to help bring about that change." 

The ride will be 100% self-funded, meaning that all of the money raised through Carey's personal Ride Across America page will go directly toward helping Freedom to Marry win marriage for all couples nationwide. You can donate to his ride here, and follow Carey's journey on his blog here