Southerners urge mayors to support the freedom to marry with

This month, Freedom to Marry is working to Light Up the Map by urging mayors from all across the United States to voice their support for marriage for same-sex couples and become Mayors for the Freedom to Marry. So far, 394 mayors from 37 states have signed onto Freedom to Marry's pledge - and using digital tools from, supporters in southern states are stepping up to ask their mayors to sign on, too. petitions are currently targeting 10 U.S. mayors, rallying residents in those cities to sign the petition and tell their mayor why marriage matters - and why their voice will add an important element to the national conversation our country is having around marriage. Check out those petitions:

If your mayor is not one of the ten mayors targeted by petitions, you can still do your part in Lighting Up the Map by checking out our Map HERE and sending a message to your mayor

Mayors and the cities they represent have long played critical roles in advancing civil rights and treatment for all Americans. This is no less true of the freedom to marry. In each of the states where we have won marriage, support from local elected officials has helped to tip the scales in our favor. When mayors and other elected officials speak up at the local level, they fuel a conversation and demonstrate that all members of their local communities - including same-sex couples and their families - matter and deserve basic fairness and dignity. 

Learn more about Mayors for the Freedom to Marry HERE.