Voice for Equality: Leslye M. Huff

Leslye M. Huff is the managing member of HUFF LAW, LLC, a new full service legal professional company. Her areas of practice include Employment, Family Law, Discrimination, Wills, Probate, Small Business & Nonprofit Start-up. Ms. Huff is Vice President of BlackOut Unlimited, Inc.'s Board of Directors, she is on the Steering Committee of Freedom to Marry, and she is a member of the National Black Justice Coalition. To learn more: [Link]

In 1993, Huff published an article titled "Black Ministers Declare War Against Lesbians and Gay Men" in Ohio's largest African American newspaper, the Call and Post and used it to galvanize Cleveland's Black community to successfully oppose the ministers' anti-gay campaign. Recently, Ms Huff published a seven-part article in the Urban Crusader News weekly entitled "Marital Bliss Under the Constitution: Thoughts on Opposite-Gender Marriage, the African American Community, and LesBiGay Rights."

Freedom to Marry salutes Leslye M. Huff for her work on our Steering Committee and as a Voice for Equality!

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