Voice for Equality: Stockard Channing

Actress Stockard Channing is best known for her portrayal of First Lady Abbey Bartlet on the NBC television series The West Wing. She starred in both the stage and screen versions of Six Degrees of Separation, and played Betty Rizzo in the film Grease. Channing is a three time Emmy Award-winner and received a 1985 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play.

Actress in many gay-themed productions, such as “The Matthew Shepard Story” and “Queer as Folk,” Channing has been a longtime friend of the LGBT community. Most recently, she participated in “Broadway for a New America: Standing Up for Marriage Equality and a Progressive Agenda for Change” where she publicly proclaimed her support for marriage equality in 2009.

Congratulations to Stockard Channing for being a Voice for Equality!

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