WATCH: Gorgeous video capturing Jonathan and Dwayne’s love story and wedding

Four months ago, on Saturday, March 30, Jonathan Franqui and Navy Senior Chief Dwayne D. Beebe hosted their wedding ceremony among all of their loved ones at Old Christ Church in Pensacola, Florida. In the beautiful ceremony, which Freedom to Marry shared back in April, Jonathan and Dwayne commited their lives to each other and vowed to nourish and grow their relationship in their married life. 

Jonathan and Dwayne were legally married in Maryland on New Year's Day, the first day that the freedom to marry took effect in the state - although they do not consider that day their "true" wedding. On their wedding weekend in March, surrounded by friends, family members, and Dwayne's fellow service members, standing up in their home community to commit their lives to each other was the day that truly resonated with them as their expression of love. 

It was an amazing day for Jonathan, Dwayne, and all of their guests - a day that's hard to explain in words. Lucky for us - the couple hired a remarkable videographer, Celia Hilton, to capture the day for supporters of the freedom to marry. Watch the video:

Jonathan & Dwayne | A story about love. from Celia Hilton on Vimeo.

Although Jonathan and Dwayne's legal marriage in Maryland is not respected in Florida - or in Tennessee, the couple's new home now that Dwayne is stationed in Memphis, TN - it does allow them to access many of the protections and responsibilities that marriage triggers on the federal level, thanks to the Supreme Court's decision last month to strike down Section 3 of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.

Now, in order to ensure that couples like Jonathan and Dwayne are fully protected - and to make it possible for all Americans living in all 50 states to marry the person they love - we must achieve a national resolution for the freedom to marry. We will do that by winning marriage in a critical mass of states, growing the majority support for marriage, and bringing a final end to federal marriage discrimination so that when we return to the Supreme Court, the Justices stand on the Right Side of History once and for all. Read more about the Roadmap to Victory HERE