WATCH: Utah couple chats with Ellen about amazing Home Depot proposal

This week, Spencer Stout and Dustin Reeser, the same-sex couple whose Home Depot flash mob marriage proposal video went viral last week, appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to give the backstory behind the big, exciting day. 

Spencer chatted about the millions of people who have already streamed the video, which you can catch HERE if you missed it. He said:

For me, it was the biggest surprise of my life. Honestly, you don't intend something like that to happen with something that you post for friends and family to see as a moment in your life. But the thing that was most amazing about it was to see how it resonated with people and they saw the love that was there and the lives that it touched. This is just about love between two people. 

"There's nothing wrong with love," Ellen said. Watch the full video:

Spencer and Dustin live in Salt Lake City, Utah, where same-sex couples do not have the freedom to marry. They plan on getting married next summer in a state nearby their home so that friends and family can attend - but even if they legally marry in a state with the freedom to marry, when they return to their home in Utah, they know that their marriage will not be respected.

The love between Spencer and Dustin is perfectly encapsulated in the proposal video - and love like theirs should be respected by the state of Utah and across the country. Their story is a reminder of why we need the freedom to marry nationwide.

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