No! to marriage ban

Religious Right Watch
July 18, 2008
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has set up a special fund, "No On Proposition 8," to direct 100% of your contribution today to the fight against the anti-marriage ballot initiative in California. [Link]

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"It's like we've been Photoshopped out of the picture. How long is the federal
government going to pretend we don't exist?"

Diane Curtis, The Washington Post, 7/17/08

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Feeling the spirit of political rules

The Salt Lake Tribune
July 19, 2008
Derek Price writes, "When The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently announced it would jump into California politics by supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, many Mormons -- including myself -- were appalled. "[Link]

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Majority Oppose Discriminatory Anti-Marriage Initiative in California

The California Field Poll found a majority of Californians are against writing marriage discrimination into the California Constitution with Proposition 8. This latest poll performed in July 2008 reaffirmed similar findings from the Field Poll in May 2008.

Regarding the Field Poll results, Mark DiCamillo, director of the nonpartisan Field Poll said, "Starting out behind is usually an ominous sign for a proposition. Over 90 percent of propositions that start out behind get taken down." Such news reaffirms the extreme importance of work in California to protect marriage and ensure that fair-minded Californians vote no on Prop. 8 in November.

Protect marriage in California

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Making same-sex couples’ marriages count

Los Angeles Times
July 18, 2008
Decisions about data collection should not be driven by political and value-laden judgments about marriage. They should be grounded in the demographic and legal realities of this nation. [Link]

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Majority in poll rejects marriage ban

Sacramento Bee
July 18, 2008
A new Field Poll finds that 51 percent of Calif. voters oppose a constitutional amendment to ban marriage for gay couples, while 42 percent support Prop. 8 and 7 percent are undecided. [Link]

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Exclusion looks even dumber now

Detroit Free Press
July 18, 2008
As Michigan wages a mostly unsuccessful struggle to retain good jobs and well-educated workers, its policy of excluding gays (or exempting them from rights and privileges enjoyed by other citizens, which is the same thing) looks stupider with each passing day. [Link]

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Some say Calif. draining money from Fla. amendment fight

Washington Blade
July 18, 2008
Evan Wolfson said he hopes supporters of marriage equality would “all dig a little deeper and support important work in Florida.” But he called California an “absolutely top priority” and said all supporters should contribute to the campaign because a victory there would “tremendously benefit” the nationwide fight for marriage. [Link]

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One Month Anniversary of Marriage in California

San Francisco Bay Times
July 17, 2008
Local communities have also expressed support for these weddings. In Santa Cruz, Dinah and Gail, together 26 years, got married and in response, their county clerk said, “When you talk to these couples who have been together decades, it just breaks my heart knowing they couldn’t do this before.” [Link]

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Gay couples’ marriages are forever in Oklahoma

July 16, 2008
First comes love, then comes marriage — and then, for many couples, comes divorce. Unless, that is, you're gay and you live in a state that doesn't recognize your union. Couples who find themselves in this predicament can face a terrible prospect: being unhappily married for life. [Link]

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