New York to Honor Out-of-State Marriages, With No Gay Exception

NY Gov. David Paterson directed state agencies to ensure that the out-of-state mariages of same-sex couples are respected and treated equally under law, the same as New York does with different-sex couples' marriages. Gov. Paterson's order conforms to NY's historic practice and the common-sense principle that it makes more sense to respect marriages than to destabilize them. It spares couples and their kids the need to haggle and litigate, and saves the taxpayers the money that would be spent on needless and cruel litigation. In another advance for marriage equality, California is set to begin offering marriage licenses to same-sex couples on June 17th, just as the highly respected Field Poll reported that a majority of Californians now agree with their state Supreme Court and support the freedom to marry.

Protect marriage in California

Thirty days to comply

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First-ever majority in CA favors marriage equality

Mercury News
May 28, 2008
For the first time ever, the statewide Field survey which was done after the Supreme Court ruling reports a majority of California voters favor marriage equality - a finding that pollsters describe as a milestone. (Link)

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Former Foe Barr Vows To Fight Anti-Marriage Constitutional Amendment

May 27, 2008
The Liberatarian candidate for President, Rep. Bob Barr, who was author of the anti-gay so-called "Defense of Marriage Act," now says it's abusive and he will work to repeal it. (Link)

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Why marriage ruling is not ‘judicial activism’

San Diego Union Tribune
May 23, 2008
Suzanne B. Goldberg discusses how the CA Supreme Court appropriately acted to uphold the constitution because "“separate but equal” rules violate our nation's commitment to equality for all", noting with concern to domestic partnerships in CA, "How often do we see legislators clamoring to create new bureaucracies to duplicate existing ones?" (Link)

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The End Of The Culture War?

The Nation
May 26, 2008
The Nation notes the actions of the CA legislature, governor, and the recent Supreme Court decision in California which have all supported the freedom to marry and says, "marriage [equality] has become a thoroughly mainstream proposition."

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Why a straight Minnesota couple will be wed in Canada

Star Tribune
May 23, 2008
A straight couple in Minnesota decided to get married in Canada because "if the institution of marriage in our home state isn't for all, it isn't for us." (Link)

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The times I didn’t get married

Los Angeles Times
May 25, 2008
Robin Rauzi discusses what its been like to be excluded from marriage and how she hopes the voters of California will not break her and her partner's hearts by passing a discriminatory initiative in November which would again take their marriage away.

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Teach Your Parents Well: California Public Opinion and the Anti-Marriage Proposition

California Progress Report
May 23, 2008
Frank D. Russo discusses the "unmistakable trend of tolerance by California voters, young and old, to gay couples" and that there is hope of beating the anti-marriage initiative in CA in November especially if younger voters educate their parents. (Link)

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America solidly divided on issue of marriage equality

Tribune Star
May 24, 2008
Thomas L. Steiger discusses the most recent developments around the freedom to marry and notes "status quo for gay rights is likely to move toward greater acceptance and reduction in status discrimination." (Link)

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BLOG: The politics of ‘gay marriage’

The G Spot
May 20, 2008
A young, non-gay woman talks about her changing view on marriage--and the freedom to marry--saying, "It exposes the evil lie on the part of conservatives that being gay is about some debased, sinful lifestyle, and makes it crystal clear that what the whole gay rights debate is really about nothing more than the right to love, and to live in dignity." (Link)

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