Spitzer vows to push NY marriage bill

Washington Blade
April 27, 2007

"Introducing the bill is a good, crucial, exciting first step," said Evan Wolfson. "But New York advocates, gay and non-gay, as well as the governor and legislators, have to really focus now on getting this bill through first the Assembly, then the Senate and to the governor's desk. And thats going to take a lot of work and even more leadership."

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WA gov. signs domestic partnership law

Bay Area Reporter
April 26, 2007

Evan Wolfson said domestic partnerships such as in California and Washington are an important "first step" toward marriage equality. But he said both contain aspects that are "diminishing" of their meaning to gay couples. Both, he noted, have very limited benefits hospital visitation, authorizing autopsies, and inheritance rights when there is no will. Both also allow seniors to register as domestic partnerships, conveying an impression that the law is not so much to recognize same-sex couples as to handle some legal issues for pairs of people who live together and share expenses.

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BLOG: NJ civil unions after two months & why “marriage” still matters

The Huffington Post
April 24, 2007
Civil unions and domestic partnerships may seem fine on paper, but they just don't work in the real world. Same sex couples in New Jersey can attest to that. Of the 575 couples registered as of April 20, many have alerted the advocacy group Garden State Equality that employers and insurers are denying them protection — some 54 in all. That's a 10% rate of inadequate rights — "one of the most astonishing rates of failure for a civil rights law in our lifetime," according to Garden State Equality chair Steven Goldstein. Not to mention that those 54 are just the ones we know about. [link]

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Senior same-sex couples navigate system that doesn’t recognize them

Concord Monitor
April 22, 2007
After 25 years together, Bill Twibill and Casper Kranenburg are linked by love, mutual respect and an inch-thick stack of documents that form a fragile facsimile of marriage they hope will allow them to care for each other as they age. Many gay men and lesbians worry that they'll still face discrimination in nursing homes and retirement communities. Married couples, for instance, are guaranteed rooms together, but that's not the case for same-sex couples. [Link]

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Native American Church Removes Ban on Gay and Lesbian Marriages

April 20, 2007

"First Nation Church, its members and ministers believe that marriage is a covenant between two adults and their God, based upon their love for one another. We believe that love for each other, for nature and for all things created by God materializes from the heart, not from legislative bodies. This basic tenet was so important that the founding fathers established it as the cornerstone of the United States Constitution, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights: that 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.'" [Link]

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COMMENTARY: Marriage still overcoming past

April 19, 2007
When Maryland's highest court heard oral arguments in the lawsuit seeking marriage for same-sex couples in December, James and Colette Roberts paid attention. These Marylanders, married in 1959, could not have done so in the Free State at that time because state law prohibited interracial marriages until 1967. [Link]

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Native returns to PA for marriage equality event

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
April 18, 2007
More states are taking steps toward marriage equality for same-sex couples, and even states with civil unions are coming to the realization that civil unions aren't enough. That's the word from Pittsburgh native son and national marriage equality advocate Evan Wolfson, who tomorrow (April 19) is slated to discuss the state of same-sex marriages in the United States at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, 5941 Penn Ave, East Liberty. [link]

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BLOG: Making the case for gay and lesbian families

April 17, 2007
Previously, the Oregon Family Council had been pushing to amend HB 2007 to add "reciprocal benefits" for other kinds of domestic partnerships that would not be eligible for marriage — for example, sisters jointly operating a household. I wasn't aware that there were so many two-sister households pushing for domestic partnership status in Oregon. Did they ask OFC to advocate for them? As I wanted clarification, I called OFC for an explanation — are you against this bill, or do you just want it amended? Is the amendment bona fide, or just for a dilatory purpose? [link]

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BLOG: New attention-grabbing billboard campaign

Pam's House Blend
April 16, 2007
A Metropolitan Community Church in Indianapolis, IN, this week began a new media campaign aimed at challenging Hoosiers to re-examine their assumptions about what the Bible says about homosexuality. "In the past, many Christians misused the Bible to support slavery, oppose equal rights for women, and oppose interracial marriage," says Rev. Jimmy Creech, Executive Director of Faith In America. "They went so far as to accuse people on the other side of being unbiblical. The same thing is happening again with respect to same-gender relationships. It has to stop." [Link]

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BLOG: The little things that discrimination affects

Red State Exile
April 16, 2007

Back when I first posted on the effects of an anti-gay amendment within TN, I focused on the obvious problems such as being denied access to or the right to make medical decisions for a partner. Little did I consider at the time, that we wouldn't even be able to participate in a "vow renewal ceremony" at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. [link]

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