Iowa Court Issues Decision in Lambda Legal’s Historic Lawsuit: Same-Sex Couples Must Be Allowed to M

Lambda Legal
August 30, 2007

In a powerful, closely reasoned 63-pp. decision, an Iowa trial court struck down the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage. The court found that the denial of marriage harms couples and their kids, while helping no one and serving no legitimate government interest. The ruling is a victory for families and fairness in America's heartland. [link] Read the decision here.

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OPINON: Reunite This Family

The Boston Globe
August 27, 2007

Because Congress passed — and former President Clinton signed — the mean-spirited Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, no federal rights extend to gay and lesbian couples. The ability of a US citizen to sponsor a husband or wife for immigration to the United States, called a form I-130, is just one of them. "Same-sex couples are utterly shut out of that process," says Mary Bonauto, the lawyer who argued the Goodridge case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that led to legalized gay marriages in the state. [Link]

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Poll: Young voters disenchanted with Republican party’s stance on marriage, among others

San Francisco Chronicle
August 27, 2007
Young Americans have become so profoundly alienated from Republican ideals on issues including the war in Iraq, global warming, marriage for gay and lesbian couples, and illegal immigration that their defections suggest a political setback that could haunt Republicans "for many generations to come," the poll said. [link]

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COLUMN: Same-sex and worried about retirement

The Washington Post
August 26, 2007
Columnist Martha Hamilton writes about the financial difficulties many same-sex couples face because they cannot receive the tax breaks and retirement benefits that come with marriage. [Link]

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Midieval civil unions existed

Science Daily
August 25, 2007
In late medieval France, the term affrèrement -- roughly translated as brotherment -- was used to refer to a certain type of legal contract, which also existed elsewhere in Mediterranean Europe. These documents provided the foundation for non-nuclear households of many types and shared many characteristics with marriage contracts, as legal writers at the time were well aware, according to Allan A. Tulchin (Shippensburg University). [link]

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Zogby Poll: New Jerseyans say change civil unions law to real marriage equality

Garden State Equality
August 16, 2007
As New Jersey marks the six-month anniversary of the civil unions law this Sunday, August 19, a new statewide Zogby Poll shows majorities of voters favoring changing the law to full marriage equality for same-sex couples. By 63% to 31%, New Jersey voters say they'd be fine with the state legislature upgrading civil unions to marriage equality. By 72% to 21%, New Jersey voters say state legislators would be in no electoral danger if they enacted marriage equality. By 61% to 29%, New Jersey voters say they expect the state to enact marriage equality within just a couple of years. [Link]

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BLOG: Follow-up thoughts on the LGBT debate

The Nation
August 13, 2007

E. J. Graff writes, "In questioning the focus on marriage, Obama revealed his lack of knowledge on the issue and his lack of well-informed LGBT advisors. This discussion is over, except among academics, where it is--excuse the pun--academic. Marriage is a major goal. It's not the only thing worth talking about, but it cannot be dismissed."

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OPINION: Social justice tied up in gay rights

Rutland Herald
August 12, 2007
The defining civil rights struggle of this generation involves gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans who live in cities and towns throughout the country, engage in all walks of life, worship in a range of churches, and form families, both with and without children, that are central to our identity and purpose. Once again, questions about the assumptions and regulations surrounding our marriage laws are back on the table. It makes sense. Marriage is a central institution in our society; we know from history that you can't ignore the government's regulation of marriage if you're serious about advancing legal fairness and social justice. [link]

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BLOG: Winners and losers at the HRC/LOGO VisibleVote08 forum

August 10, 2007
Blogger Pam Spaulding does her usual excellent job of summarizing and commenting live from the forum. This is a must-read in conjunction with Evan Wolfson's post This week's gay debate: A prime-time opportunity for straight talk on marriage. [link]

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Democratic candidates address gay issues

August 9, 2007

Evan Wolfson said the good news in his view is that all the Democratic candidates support fairness for same-sex couples. "The bad news is they haven't yet grasped that equality in marriage is how you achieve that fairness," Wolfson added. "There is no substitute. They wouldn't trade their marriage for a civil union. Why should gay Americans?"

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