Prenuptual agreements… just in case there’s a gay divorce

Boston Globe
May 11, 2004
Lawyers in Massachusetts are facing completely new issues about how to deal with married couples under federal law--the rules are different depending on whether they are same-sex or opposite sex. [link]

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Court denies transgender marriage appeal

January 15, 2004
Jacob Nash is an FTM with an amended birth certificate who was denied the right to marry his girlfriend in Ohio. [Link]

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The radical case for marriage equality: Why progressives must join this fight

Village Voice
September 3, 2003
The movement for marriage equality affects all disenfranchised groups; and that means it's time for allies to get involved to beat back right-wing attacks and promote social and economic justice. [Link]

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Double bind: Why a woman in MI is a man in KS, and why it matters

Wall Street Journal
July 7, 2000
This is an article about MTF widow J'Noel Gardiner and her fight to inherit her husband's $2.5 million estate.
KS Supreme Court summary of the Gardiner case. [Link]

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Shin Buddhism Address: Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Legal?: Revering Limitless Light and Life in Tod

Dharma Rain, Vol. 1, No. 2
December 1, 1997

Rev. Bruce Nakamura writes, "In life, there are no unimportant or inferior or subordinate or queer persons. There are no unimportant tasks or vocations. There are no unimportant acts of kindness. Each human being is, after all, as happy or as miserable as he or she makes his or her mind up to be. Know yourself, accept yourself. This is the Buddha's love and wisdom in you. Changing, learning, growing and sharing. It is all about you. It is all about me. It is no one else's responsibility." [Link]

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Crossing the Threshold: Equal Marriage Rights for Lesbians and Gay Men and the Intra-Community Criti

NYU Rev. of Law & Social Change 576
In a law review article, Evan Wolfson addresses the intra-community differences of opinion and emphasis most recently reincarnated in the "Beyond Marriage" document and press blitz. Wolfson examines the false "either/or" premises of some advocates, and draws on history and social change theory in evaluating many of the claims made against the work to win the freedom to marry. The article was written in 1994. [Link]

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Here Comes the Groom: A Conservative Case for Marriage Equality

New Republic
August 28, 1989
Andrew Sullivan's landmark essay addresses anti-marriage arguments, and concludes by asking: "What goal is advanced by framing the law to encourage [gay] relationships to be unfaithful and insecure?" [Link]

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