DuPage couple turned away on V-Day

Windy City Times
February 22, 2006
"With the whole staff eavesdropping—and not so subtly—we explained about the rights we are denied and that this is a matter of civil rights. We also told them about Freedom to Marry week, which they were unaware of." McMillan and Szalkowski were more than civil; they were downright personable. "We [ even ] brought the office a box of candy, which was well-received," they stated. [Link]

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Marriage Was a Valentine’s Day Focus

Gay City News
February 16, 2006

Advocates led by Marriage Equality, Metropolitan Community Church converged in downtown New York. Evan Wolfson said about the event, We have an opportunity to have a much greater impact by going out and engaging opinion makers and groups of New Yorkers on this issue. The next several months are crucial because we have to create a climate that shows New Yorkers are ready for it.

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RADIO INTERVIEW: Samiya Bashir on the importance of marriage equality

Rainbow Radio
February 12, 2006
Freedom to Marry Communication Director Samiya Bashir joins RAINBOW RADIO in South Carolina for their Freedom to Marry Week program to discuss the importance of marriage equality. [link]

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Houston Celebrates Freedom to Marry Week with Weddings and Attempts to Receive Marriage Licenses

The Houston Voice
February 10, 2006

"In addition to the wedding ceremony and demonstration at the clerk's office, foundation officials will sponsor a three-part discussion series..." [Link]

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Freedom to Marry Week includes Valentine’s Day

Gay People's Chronicle
February 10, 2006
National Freedom to Marry Week will be marked with activities across Ohio, coordinated by Ohio Freedom to Marry and Equality Ohio under the banner, "Families Warm the Heart." [link]

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Conservative Still Trying to Make Correlation Between Marriage Equality and Marital Anarchy

Southern Voice
January 27, 2006

"The right wing would love nothing more than for us to spend all of our airtime discussing distractions such as polygamy, bestiality and other — from their point of view — doomsday scenarios rather than engage the public about committed same-sex couples being discriminated against," says Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, which advocates marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples. [Link]

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Former NAACP Head Speaks Out in Support of Marriage Equality

Washington Blade
January 23, 2006
"As someone who was raised to believe in traditional marriage, it does not mean others cannot have beliefs," Mfume said. "I recognize [civil union] laws don't cover all the benefits and all the rights that could and should be accrued to same-sex couples." [Link]

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Black faith leaders to converge in Atlanta to discuss homophobia in black churches

Washington Blade
January 20, 2006
"These anti-marriage proponents are pandering to the black church for their own agenda." [Link]

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DC council to vote on civil unions
January 2, 2006
This week, the DC council will vote on allowing civil unions. The measure, authored by council member-at-large Phil Mendelson (D), has gained widespread support and would give unmarried couples some of the broadest domestic partner rights in the country. One councilor is considering a competing bill that would legalize marriage. The civil union bill is scheduled for vote on Wednesday. [Link]

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Court ruling stalled for resolution by governor, Legislature; city to comply

Anchorage Daily News
January 1, 2006
The nine couples who successfully won the lawsuit where the Alaska Supreme Court unanimously ruled it unconstitutional to discriminate against domestic partners in the workplace, still cannot enroll their partners in their health plans two months later. The ACLU has asked the court to give the city and legislature a deadline for compliance, while opponents stall and try to fight ways to challenge the ruling instead of executing it. (Link)

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