Fighting for the freedom to marry moves the middle
October 31, 2006
The Republican says he is against marriage equality because "marriage is a 'sacred' relationship — like I had, before I got divorced." The Democrat believes that "if a couple decides to make a lifetime commitment to one another then they should be able to have the same rights and responsibilities." The independent candidate asserts, "Gay marriage, I don't think the country is ready for that right now. So I think it's good to take it one step at a time." All three candidates for governor favor civil union for same-sex couples. The state: Florida. The marriage discussion is moving the middle. [Link]

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The Religious Right Attacking Gay People

Religious Right hope NJ ruling will galvanize forces
The Washington Post
October 27, 2006

Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said religious conservatives have gone to this well too many times, and people are not buying it.
"They attack gay people when the sun rises, and they attack gay people when the sun sets, so no matter what the court had done in New Jersey, they would have said Americans need to shift their attention from the real threats to our country to the alleged threat from gay couples seeking to settle down."

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A Marriage for Civil Union?

ANALYSIS: New Jersey's Justices agree on all but the 'M' word
New York Times
October 26, 2006

"Should the State Legislature ultimately give gay unions a name other than marriage, Mr. Wolfson said, it would amount to discrimination. 'I don't think there is an American in the country,' he said, 'who would cash in their marriage in exchange for a civil union.'"[Link]

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Marriages discussed in SC

Anderson Independent Mail
October 23, 2006
"I see many different kinds of families, adoptive families, grandmothers raising grandchildren, single mothers and gay and lesbian couples raising families," Ms. Leong said. "Who's to say one of these families is better than the other? This is my family we're talking about." [link]

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OPINION: Quaker statement on marriage equality

Lacrosse Tribune
October 20, 2006
On November's ballot, Wisconsin will vote on a constitutional ban on same-gender marriages. We of Religious Society of Friends believe the movement to isolate and scapegoat homosexuals, to promote hatred against them, and to impose in law one group's religious beliefs on us all, is blatantly immoral and contrary to Jesus' teachings. [link]

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Evan Wolfson Debated Delegate Bob Marshall

Marshall-Newman Amendment debated
Virginia Law Weekly
October 20, 2006

Evan Wolfson debated VA Delegate Bob Marshall, co-sponsor of a proposed amendment to the VA Constitution to prohibit legal recognition or benefits for same-sex relationships October 5 in VA. Though there were rumors of planned protests and disruptions, the only incident during the controversial debate was a silent protest by two students who stood and turned their backs during Delegate Marshall's opening statements. Wolfson, the obvious favorite of the crowd in attendance, did not suffer any disruptions while speaking.[Link]

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OPINION: Walking in another’s shoes, then vote ‘no’

The Coulee News
October 19, 2006
Before you vote on this referendum item, please first ask yourself: "What if a child of mine, a sibling or another loved were to follow the unique, intrinsic compass with which each of us is born, and enter into a same-sex relationship with a partner for whom they care deeply?" Who among us has the right to judge such a person, much less reject them or discriminate against them? [link]

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OPINION: Let AZ gay people pursue life, liberty and happiness

Ahwatukee Republic
October 18, 2006
It's embarrassing to remember how I wanted gays to just keep "it" to themselves. I wasn't a bad person for having these thoughts. I just never thought about it from any other perspective than my own. But from an American viewpoint, my old perspective was wrong. [Link]

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Panelists blast VA anti-gay marriage referendum

Washington Jewish Week
October 18, 2006
"There is a minority in our society who are being singled out and targeted because they happen to be different," Virginia Sen. Englin said, "and our job as a Jewish community and my job as a Jewish legislator is to try to do something about that." [link]

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Demonstrations of Solidarity

Workers World
October 17, 2006
When the National Executive Board of the United Farm Workers—a predominantly Latin@ union—announced its principled stance in support of marriage equality, UFW Southern California Political Director Christine Chávez restated her grandfather's support of gay rights. [Link]

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