Marriage Discrimination Harms Children & Families

Study after study has shown that children of lesbian or gay parents are as well-adjusted as those of non-gay parents. All children deserve the right to insurance coverage, social security, emergency care and inheritance rights no matter who their parents are. All families benefit from the intangible reassurance that comes from knowing that your family is safe and secure.


Blog Posts Related to Children and Families

Kansas same-sex couple and their kids celebrate at White House Easter Egg Roll

This year, Susan and Shannon McSpadden, who hail from Merriam, KS, were invited to attend the Easter Egg Roll with their children, Davis and Georgia.

WATCH: 12-year-old with two moms in Utah speaks out for the freedom to marry

"At school, we talked about things we'd like to see in our lifetime," 12-year-old Riley Hackford-Peer told filmmaker D'Arcy Benincosa in a new video. He explained, "I've always said that I'd like to see my parents get married."

Inspired by Utah marriages, filmmaker aims to document love across America

Through a new documentary film, and along the way through moving 3-4 minute video profiles of gay and lesbian couples and their families, D'Arcy Benincosa aims to provide beautiful insight into the people and families behind the freedom to marry.

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Resources Related to Children and Families

Familia es Familia: Ya Es Hora

Read the 2014 update to the brochure about 'Familia es Familia' - a public education campaign co-led by dozens of Latino organizations and Freedom to Marry that works to build and amplify support for gay and lesbian people, and the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, in the Latino community.

Study Suggests Marriage Brings Mental Health Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

A new study suggests that psychological distress is lower among gay, lesbian and bisexual people who are legally married - compared with gay, lesbian and bisexual people who are not in unions respected by their states.

Media Primer: 2011 Flashpoints for LGBT Equality

A media primer on the LGBT issues landscape for the coming year released by the Human Rights Campaign.

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