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The public increasingly supports ending the exclusion of same-sex couples and their families from marriage. In the past two years, polls have shown consistent majority support for the freedom to marry, with a recent CNN poll indicating that 54 percent of Americans now support marriage for same-sex couples. Read detailed information about the past two years of national polling HERE

Polling also demonstrates that support for the freedom to marry continues to rise in every state, every demographic, and every community. Check out detailed polling information from nearly every state on our state pages, and take a look at community-specific polling on our community pages for the African-AmericanLatinoAsian/Pacific Islander, and faith communities. 

In past movements to extend civil rights in America, legislative and especially judicial actions toward equality occurred well before the public expressed complete comfort with equality. Although many in the public are still wrestling with the idea of fairness for all families, public support for the freedom to marry is growing faster in this movement than ever before. Also, our resources for judging public opinion are continuing to improve as polls begin to ask objective, unbiased questions, and pro-marriage state legislators continue to be re-elected in astounding numbers.

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