Marriage Litigation

In states across the country, same-sex couples are filing lawsuits seeking the freedom to marry. Freedom to Marry's national strategy has always been to win a final victory at the U.S. Supreme Court. While we work to create the climate for the Court to rule in favor of marriage, here is a comprehensive look at marriage litigation underway in the states:

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1/5: Stay Set to Expire in Brenner v. Armstrong (FL) 1/21: Mississippi Supreme Court Hearing in Czekala-Chatham v. Melancon (MS)
1/9: Oral Argument in 5th Circuit Cases (5th) 1/26: Briefing to 1st Circuit Begins in Conde-Vidal v. Rius-Armendariz (PR)
1/9: 1st Possible SCOTUS Conference feat. Marriage (MORE) 1/29: Hearing in Waters v. Heineman (NE)
1/9: 1st Possible SCOTUS Conference feat. Marriage (MORE)  Updated December 19

Marriage Cases at the Federal Appellate Level

Marriage Cases with Rulings in State Court

All States with Pending Marriage Litigation

States with Completed Marriage Litigation