Marriage Litigation

Freedom to Marry's national strategy has always been to win a final victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, which could bring the freedom to marry to same-sex couples nationwide as soon as summer 2015. As we work to create a national climate in favor of marriage for all, legal teams and same-sex couples have made the case in the courts of law - and in nearly 60 decisions in two years, judges have ruled in their favor. Here's a comprehensive look at the marriage litigation filed since June 2013:

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2/19: Hearing in Heineman (NE) 3/6: Amicus Briefs in Favor of Plaintiffs Due to SCOTUS (SCOTUS)
2/27: Opening Brief due to Supreme Court (SCOTUS) 3/19: Plaintiffs' Briefs Due to 8th Circuit  (AR & MO)

Marriage Cases at the Federal Appellate Level

Marriage Cases with Rulings in State Court

All States with Pending Marriage Litigation

States with Completed Marriage Litigation