Czekala-Chatham v. Melancon

What's Happening:

On December 3, a judge denied a same-sex couple's petition to have their marriage respected in Mississippi for the purpose of getting a divorce. The plaintiffs intend to appeal the case. 

Case Background:

On September 11, 2013, a Mississippi woman asked the state to recognize her out-of-state marriage to a woman for the purpose of filing for divorce. The woman, Lauren Beth Czekala-Chatham, had married her wife, Dana Ann Melancon, in California in 2008. The couple lived together in Southaven, Mississippi but separated in 2010. 

The lawsuit was filed in DeSoto County Chancery Court. Under Mississippi law, it is unclear whether the plaintiffs' out-of-state marriage can be terminated, because Mississippi does not respect marriages between same-sex couples. 

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