Nichols v. Nichols

What's Happening:

In 2013, a same-sex couple filed a petition for the dissolution of their marriage in Nebraska, and the case is now before the Nebraska Supreme Court. The petition requests recognition for their out-of-state marriage for the purpose of filing the divorce and, in effect, challenges the constitutionality of Nebraska’s denial of respect for legal marriages. Several legal organizations, including the ACLU of Nebraska and Legal Aid of Nebraska, have filed friend-of-the-court briefs and cited additional couples facing the same problem in Nebraska. 

On June 13, 2014, the Nebraska Supreme Court dismissed the case, saying that it could not address constitutional issues in the case because it did not have jurisdiction to hear the case because Nichols appealed a lower court's denial of the divorce from a conditional order rather than a final judgment. The plaintiff has said that she would continue pushing for the divorce. 

Case Background:

The uncontested divorce petition was filed in Lancaster County, Nebraska Circuit Court on behalf of Bonnie Nichols and Margie Nichols, who married in Iowa in 2009. Under Nebraska law, it is unclear whether the plaintiffs' out-of-state marriage can be terminated, because Nebraska does not respect marriages between same-sex couples.

ACLU of Nebraska's Legal Director explained, "These individuals are trapped in a marriage that is valid and legally binding in many other states and local governments as well as many federal government agencies. Unlike other situations where a relationship doesn’t work out, these individuals are being told they don’t even have the chance to state their case to the courts. They are not able to marry another spouse, including a different sex spouse, in the future."

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