Local LGBT Couples Await Their Turn At The Altar

Author: Michael Herzenberg
Publication: NY1
Publication Date: July 24th, 2011

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As hundreds of couples get married in the city on Sunday and an excess of 100 judges have volunteered across the state to officiate weddings on the spot, many same-sex couples are looking forward to have their relationship officially recognized by New York State. NY1's Michael Herzenberg filed the following report.



Jacqueline Cabrera and Gabrielle Harmon of Elmhurst, Queens are getting ready to spend the rest of their lives together. They will get married next Saturday in Central Park near Columbus Circle.

"I love her and by far she has such a good person," said Cabrera.

"I'm pretty positive that nobody will know how to take care of her the way that I can," said Harmon.

They met working at a fast food restaurant as teenagers. It was their first real job and their first real relationship.

"It was an instant thing from the very beginning, it was like, this is it," said Harmon.

After seven years and plenty of memories, they are waiting for the day they can legally wed and are going through what straight couples have gone through forever.

"It's such a crazy time. Your family calls you with their random ideas about where the party should be, what we should eat and wear," said Harmon.

"We've both been very stressed and sometimes we'll get made at each other. Then we hug each other and be like, 'ah,'" said Cabrera.

They are spending their Sunday waiting in line for a marriage license at the City Clerk's office.

Across the street from the City Clerk's office in Lower Manhattan is a "Wedding Garden" that may get a lot of use. The New York City Police Department set up barricades, a podium and even canvased the area around 141 Centre Street on Saturday in anticipation of the crowds.

"I do know there will be a lot of joy and a lot of reporters from around the world will be wanting to capture the joy that people are feeling," said "Freedom To Marry" Campaign Director Marc Solomon.

Solomon believes Sunday's celebrations will help spread same-sex marriage rights across the country.

"That shows the rest of the country that it's not a big deal and that builds public support," said Solomon.