The democratic party says ‘i do’ to marriage equality

Author: Tarringo Vaughan
Publication: Examiner
Publication Date: July 31st, 2012

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This has already been a monumental year regarding the question of same-sex marriage on both sides of the fence and things may just be heating up politically.

Gay, out and recently married, Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts is giving his full support to the Democratic Party's affirmation of its commitment to marriage equality. In a telephone interview with The Advocate Frank says he is "in favor" of the platform that is currently being drafted and of "being included". Frank also spoke of the Democratic Party's cemented support and recent activity in favor of marriage quality including key points highlighted by President Obama's decision not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court. Frank applauded the actions by saying that "the fact is, by every action that should be taken, the Democrats in Washington have repudiated DOMA." He believes giving acknowledged the importance of House Democrats' near-universal opposition to DOMA as opposed to the majority of House Republican's that voted to reaffirm it.

Top Democrats have already endorsed a campaign launched this year by Freedom To Marry. The Democrats: Say I Do campaign has already collected over 42,000 signatures from the public.

Frank is part of the 15-member Democratic Party platform drafting committee that approved language endorsing same-sex marriage. According to the Washington Blade, the panel unanimously backed the inclusion of a marriage equality plank after listening to the testimony of several witnesses who were in favor of the language. Witnesses included national campaign director for the Freedom to Marry Marc Solomon who celebrated the decision saying:

"We are proud that the Committee is including language that will ensure the Party is leading the way forward in supporting marriage for loving and committed same-sex couples and their families."

A final draft is still being written by writers of the platform and will be presented before the full platform committee in Detroit from Aug.10 to Aug. 12 and then a presentation of the platform will be made at the convention this September in Charlotte.

The soon to be retired Frank recently exchanged wedding vows with husband, Jim Ready, in Newton, Ma. It was a ceremony attended by members of Congress, most noticeably Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator John Kerry and officiated by Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick.