End the Anti-Gay Rhetoric


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Join us in calling on the National Organization for Marriage to repudiate the increasingly violent anti-gay rhetoric being used by its supporters.

The Petition:

Loving and committed couples should not be stripped of basic protections or live in fear of violence because of the prejudice you are inciting with your attack campaigns, including your so-called "Summer for Marriage" Tour.

At your recent stop in Indianapolis, one of your supporters announced the “Solution for Gay Marriage,” calling for gay and lesbian people to be put to death. He wrote "They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them" on a sign displaying two nooses intended for a gay couple. Is this how NOM is "protecting" marriage?

Your fear-mongering and assaults on gay families are inciting prejudice and inviting violence. We call on you to immediately denounce these tactics and the harm you are doing to gay and lesbian families and the national conversation around marriage.