Couple Stories: It’s #Time4Marriage

All across the country, millions of Americans are coming together in support of one basic message: It's time. It's time for same-sex couples from every state - from the East Coast to the West Coast to the South and Midwest - to have the freedom to marry. Committed same-sex couples live in every part of the United States, and they're celebrating their love in various ways. These couples are demonstrating every day that they want to be able to marry for similar reasons as different-sex couples. They want to declare their love in front of their friends and families. They want their promises to each other to bear the same legal weight as different-sex couples' promises. They want to protect their families - and to protect each other. Last updated April 2013. Read stories from a diverse array of couples:


Lindsey Dawson and Jessica Chipoco

At the end of March - in front of the backdrop of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in two landmark marriage cases - Lindsey Dawson and Jessica Chipoco married in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in Maryland. "I don't feel any more committed to her than I did before, but I feel like the strength of that commitment is deeper," Lindsey said. "And to deny that commitment to anyone else, in some ways, feels like a larger, more significant denial." Read More about Lindsey and Jessica.


Susan McSpadden and Shannon Feldt

"When you fall in love - real love - marriage is the highest form of recognition of that love," Shannon Feldt said, explaining why couples like her and Susan McSpadden, who promised their commitment to each other last year in Kansas City - couples across the Midwest, couples across the South, and couples nationwide - need the freedom to marry. Read More about Susan and Shannon.

Jonathan Franqui and Dwayne Beebe

On Saturday, March 30, Jonathan Franqui and Navy Senior Chief Dwayne D. Beebe hosted their wedding ceremony among all of their loved ones at Old Christ Church in Pensacola, Florida. "It's important because marriage is the ultimate commitment you can make to the person that you love, and we want our community to understand how strong our commitment is to one another - how strong our commitment is to the person we love," Jonathan explained. Read More about Jonathan and Dwayne.

Gail Marquis and Audrey Smaltz

Gail Marquis is a former Olympic Basketball player, and Audrey Smaltz is a former model and fashion editor. The couple fell in love 14 years ago, and they each say that the other is "foremost in my mind." They married in November 2011, and now, Audrey can’t get enough of introducing Gail as her wife. Don't miss this great video, produced with 'The Devotion Project,' which perfectly captures why Gail and Audrey make each other smile. Read More about Gail and Audrey.

Bill Horn and Scout Masterson

Bill Horn and Scout Masterson - who you may recognize as "The Guncles" from Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood - are hoping that their daughter Simone gets an extra special birthday present shortly after she turns 3 this June: The chance to see her fathers marry, after over a decade of commitment. The couple lives in Los Angeles, CA and they're watching the Supreme Court challenge to the anti-marriage amendment closely. Read More about Bill and Scout.

Matthew Phelps and Ben Schock

A new video from our Freedom to Serve, Freedom to Marry campaign spotlights U.S. Marine Corps Captain Matthew Phelps and his soon-to-be husband, Ben Schock. The couple, who will marry in Seattle, WA next month, are one of thousands of military families affected by DOMA. "There seems to be a contradiction between serving my country and my country not fully supporting my relationship with Ben," Marine Corps Captain Phelps says in the video. Read More about Ben and Matthew.

Jenn Veryzer and Carrie

As an active member of the armed forces, Jenn Veryzer fought to help end the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that prohibited gay men and lesbians from serving openly, and she kept her relationship secret. She witnessed the death of her partner, saw the repeal of DADT, and today, she continues advocating for the freedom to marry in order to overturn DOMA and protect her new family. Read More about Jenn and Carrie.

Laura Blackley and Cindy Jordan

As Laura and Cindy, who own a farm in North Carolina and are married in California, wait and hope that the Supreme Court stands on the Right Side of History, they envision a day in the future when they can stand as a married couple in their home state, with the full respect of their community and country. "Gay people are being brought into this conversation more than ever," Laura said. "There are already cracks in the armor of DOMA." Read More about Laura and Cindy.

Jenn Corriveau and Christina Honeycutt

Jennifer Corriveau and Christina Honeycutt are just one of the many couples able to celebrate their love and commitment in New Hampshire now that the freedom to marry is secure. "I'm hopeful that one day soon we will all be able to marry the person we love and be recognized as truly equal citizens in each and every state," Christina said. Here, they shared their engagement story - and 14 photos - with Freedom to Marry. Read More about Jenn and Christina.

Mark Maxwell and Timothy Young

After 22 years together, Mark and Tim, who are raising four adopted children together, are thrilled to finally be married. But they know that because of DOMA, they are deprived of over 1,100 essential federal protections - and that their marriage is not respected by the state of North Carolina, where they live and work. That's why they're speaking out as much as possible and working with the Campaign for Southern Equality to speak out about how DOMA hurts their family. Read More about Mark and Tim.

Mario Pabón and Jason McAllister

College sweethearts Mario Pabón and Jason McAllister married this September on their seventh anniversary in New York City. They wrote their own vows for the ceremony, and here, Mario has shared his vows to Jason with Freedom to Marry. "For me, marriage has opened deeper levels in our relationship and expanded what we have," Mario said. "It's so much more than just a piece of paper." Read More about Mario and Jason.