New York Marriages

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 marks the first anniversary of legal marriages between same-sex couples in New York. To celebrate, Freedom to Marry is sharing the stories of same-sex couples who tied the knot this year, celebrating their love and commitment with beautiful ceremonies and gatherings of their friends, family members, and other loved ones.

Richard Dorr and John Mace

Remember Richard Dorr and John Mace? In 2011, they joined Freedom to Marry in making the case to the New York State Senate to pass the marriage bill. After hearing Richard and John's story, thousands of New Yorkers contacted their state legislators to urge them to pass the marriage bill and end the wait for committed same-sex couples. Now, after 62 years together, Richard and John are finally married in New York! Read More about Richard and John.


Mario Pabón and Jason McAllister

College sweethearts Mario Pabón and Jason McAllister married this September on their seventh anniversary in New York City. They wrote their own vows for the ceremony, and here, Mario has shared his vows to Jason with Freedom to Marry. "For me, marriage has opened deeper levels in our relationship and expanded what we have," Mario said. "It's so much more than just a piece of paper." Read More about Mario and Jason.


George Constantinous and Farid Ali

In the middle of June, just over two months ago, George Constantinous and Farid Ali Lancheros were more excited than ever about getting married - finally, after 11 years together, they would be making it official. After working hard on the campaign to pass the freedom to marry in New York last summer, when they contributed their story to Freedom to Marry's video series on why marriage matters to New Yorkers, George and Farid were excited and relieved that their relationship would finally be formally respected by the state. Read More about George and Farid.

Dan Watts and Chip Bailey

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Dan and Chip receiving their marriage license in New York; it's a day as equally important to them as the day they first met. Being able to have their relationship legally acknowledged felt like an essential step. Dan explained, "It means having the state recognize what has already been recognized and embraced by our families, our friends, our neighbors, our employers, doctors, dentists, grocers, bankers, insurers, creditors, travel agent, cats - and almost everyone else in our world." Read More about Chip and Dan.

Christopher Boudewyns and Carl Byrd

Chris and Carl's wedding on May 27, 2012 at the Broad Street Ballroom in lower Manhattan was truly a family-focused celebration. Christopher's brother got ordained online and officiated the ceremony, while Christopher's father, who works as a minister, gave a blessing for the occasion. The couple's two-year-old daughter Harper served as the flower girl, and their dogs walked down the aisle with the ring bearers - who were Harper's cousins. Read More about Christopher and Carl.


Christine Quinn and Kim Catullo

As speaker of the New York City Council, Christine C. Quinn is used to being in the spotlight in high-profile settings. But this spring, the social event of the year had her downright nervous. And rightfully so: After more than a decade as a couple, she and her partner Kim M. Catullo, a products liability lawyer, married May 19 among family and friends, colleagues, and a who's who of the political elite. Read More about Christine and Kim.


Mary Jo Kennedy and Jo-Ann Shain

For New Yorkers Mary Jo Kennedy and Jo-Ann Shain, last year's marriage victory was both personal and political. As plaintiffs in the Lambda Legal case that spurred the movement for marriage in New York, they were directly involved in each step of the win, and today remain strong advocates for the importance of the freedom to marry to all loving and committed couples. Read More about Mary Jo and Jo-Ann.


John Feinblatt and Jonathan Mintz

Last year, Mayor Michael Bloomberg officiated over the wedding ceremony of John Feinblatt and Jonathan Mintz, city employees who had been together for 14 years. With three flavors of mouth-watering cupcakes, the historic Gracie Mansion as a backdrop, and their two young children in tow, John and Jonathan were ready to celebrate New York's passage of the freedom to marry by finally tying the knot. Read More about John and Jonathan.


Eddie Casson and Jeff Saunders

"I remember when I was young and living in southern Indiana, and I knew nothing about gay life or relationships," says Eddie, who married his partner of 24 years, Jeff, in March. "The one thing I had always heard was that gay people are incapable of commitment and incapable of being with one person. If I had made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish in my life, growing old with the person I loved was my No. 1 thing. And I've had that with Jeff."Read More about Eddie and Jeff.


Gemma and Jessica Perkins

Jessica and Gemma's happiness has been interrupted by the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents legally married same-sex couples from obtaining permanent U.S. residency for a spouse from another country. Because Gemma is from the United Kingdom, the harms of DOMA immediately hit the couple hard. Read More about Gemma and Jessica.