The Two Components of Freedom to Marry

Freedom to Marry includes two separate corporate entities, Freedom to Marry, Inc. and Freedom to Marry Action, Inc.  Freedom to Marry fulfills its mission of winning marriage nationwide through these two separate organizations in order to meet legal requirements and do the range of work needed. This website refers to the two organizations collectively under our name, Freedom to Marry.

Because of legal requirements, even though there may be some overlap in the work done by each entity in furtherance of the goals, certain activities are done by one organization and not the other. This is primarily in the area of lobbying.

Freedom to Marry Action, Inc. engages in legislative lobbying designed to end discrimination in the law at both the state and national level; under the tax code, it is a “501(c)(4)” organization and contributions to it, while highly valued, are not tax deductible.  Freedom to Marry, Inc. is eligible to receive contributions that are tax-deductible as a “501(c)(3)” organization;  it is limited by federal law in how much lobbying it can do.  Therefore, almost all of the lobbying work done by Freedom to Marry and discussed on this website is done by Freedom to Marry Action, Inc.  Freedom to Marry does not endorse or provide funding to candidates running for public office.

You may make a contribution to Freedom to Marry, Inc. or Freedom to Marry Action, Inc. or both.  A contribution to either organization will be used to achieve the freedom to marry for same-sex couples nationwide.  However, each organization will only use the funds contributed directly to it to carry out the specific activities it conducts as part of the overall Freedom to Marry mission.

Donors who choose to support the 501(c)(4) Freedom to Marry Action, Inc. are making needed contributions that are not tax-deductible.  These contributions support our direct advocacy with elected officials (lobbying).  Donors may also choose to make a tax-deductible contribution to the 501(c)(3) Freedom to Marry, Inc.  These funds will be used to build broad-based support for the freedom to marry and develop and pursue educational, organizing, and advocacy strategies.

To support the work of Freedom to Marry Action, Inc. with an urgently needed non-tax-deductible contribution, click here.  To make highly valued tax-deductible contribution to Freedom to Marry, Inc., click here

For a copy of our 2011 990 for either Freedom to Marry, Inc. (501c3) or Freedom to Marry Action, Inc. (501c4) please email Scott Davenport, COO at scott [at]

Thank you for your support of Freedom to Marry and our national campaign to end exclusion from marriage.