Freedom to Marry Lauds UK for Announcing Move Towards Marriage for Same-Sex Couples


Calls on President Obama to Show Leadership on Marriage in US 

Press Contact:
Jackie Yodashkin
Communications Director, Freedom to Marry
(New York, NY, September 17, 2011) – Today, Great Britain Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone announced that the ruling conservative government will launch a consultation to extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in the UK, where same-sex couples currently are eligible for “civil partnership.”
“Today’s terrific news out of Britain reinforces what we have seen in state after state – anything short of marriage, by any name, simply does not convey the full meaning, understanding and protection that marriage brings,” said Marc Solomon, National Campaign Director of Freedom to Marry.  “It’s particularly impressive that Prime Minister David Cameron, the leader of the British Conservative Party, is leading the charge to move to full marriage in the UK.  We repeat our call on President Obama to join Cameron in offering principled leadership, finish his ‘evolution,’ and join the majority of Americans who support the freedom to marry.”
Featherstone announced that a public consultation will begin in March 2012 with a view to changing the law ahead of the next general election scheduled for May 2015.  Conservative leader David Cameron has backed the move and supports the freedom to marry.
In March, Freedom to Marry launched a petition calling on the President to come out in support of the Freedom to Marry.  Currently over 115,000 Americans have signed onto the petition.  The President has come out in support of legislation that would overturn the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, but has stopped short of personally supporting marriage for same-sex couples, stating his position is “evolving.”
Freedom to Marry is the campaign to win marriage nationwide. We are pursuing our Roadmap to Victory by working to win the freedom to marry in more states, grow the national majority for marriage, and end federal marriage discrimination. We partner with individuals and organizations across the country to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage and the protections, responsibilities, and commitment that marriage brings.